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Saturday, August 27, 2016

 Warning:  This commentary is necessarily disrespectful to black victimhood.   If you are a spineless weasel and can't deal with the truth, get your sorry ass out of here!    You have been warned.

I have previously praised this player and featured some nude (non-frontal) images of him here on this blogazine.

Tonight I come out to publicly trash this asshole in the most vicious and unmitigated contempt that I can show toward him about his recent childish action of not standing when the National Anthem was played before a preseason game.

He's crossed the line, and I shall chase his sorry black ass back to the land that sold his ancestors into slavery.

Colin Kaepernick is the former starting QB for the San Fransisco 49ers and took his team to the Super Bowl where he lost to the Baltimore Black Shit Birds football team.

Since his choking performance in the Super Bowl in 2012, this asswipe has had a career that has been all downhill all the time.   He's produced one of the worst performances of any NFL QB in the years since his Super Bowl failure and rivals the flaccid efforts of the Great Gimmick that once was the Nirvana Performer of the Washington Redskins.   He's since disappeared into mediocrity by being signed by one of the worst pro football franchises of the modern era, the Cleveland Dog Piles.    Being a Redskins fan, I never utter his real name because it soils me doing so.   I shan't utter it now.  He's a natural born loser going 12 wins against 21 losses in his pathetic NFL career; he has lost 15 of his last 19 starts in games that he managed to start and finish.

Back to Krapernick.

Things haven't gone well for his piece of shit since he fell apart in the Super Bowl.    Last year was one of the worst ever by any QB that has gone to the Super Bowl and he was so awful that no other team dared to trade for him and the San Fransisco 49ers were forced to eat his $11 million contract for this season or lose it all by cutting him.

Needless to say, Krapernick has been stuck on mediocre this year and his team has invented novel reasons why he hasn't played in a preseason game this year.    His arm strength has been questioned and now we know his brain strength could possibly be the real reason he isn't tossing any balls around the field other than his own shitty ones.

Krapernick decided that prior to the start of the game that he would sit down to protest how awful America is to black people and other minorities while the National Anthem was being played.

And this is where yours truly has become incensed.

As a Libertarian, I will always defend assholes getting a chance to prove they are assholes and here Krapernick has done such a marvelous job that I am merely piling on by holding his black ass to the fire.   And I do mean to be so disrespectful here by referring to his black ass.    Fock him.

Krapernick adds to his national insult by his statement on this situation, "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color," he said after the game. "To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder."

With all due contempt and disrespect, I will direct my fury toward Krapernick.   I am so sick and tired of you nose-out-of-joint black people thinking you have it bad here and that the United States or White People or both are to blame for your perpetual sense of victimhood.   You are to blame for being racists and thinking that behind every shadow is a white bubba trying to keep you down and to try to steal your ability to progress.    Well, black assholes,  white people don't make your young black men into virtual studs by having them knock up your black sluts to the tune of ten or a dozen times or treating your black bitches like semen receptacles where young black men have a new black cunt every day of the week.   White people don't make your young black men into killers of other black men; and even as you resent the truth being told, white people aren't to blame when your black men end up in prison because they actually commit crimes and kill each other with increasing ferocity.

Yes, the United States has become a cesspool of death and violence but we can all turn to the black community and point fingers as to the vicious and unmitigated violence that this community inflicts upon itself even claiming the cousin of Dwayne Wade a day or so ago.    I know it is the black mantra of black idiots who want to blame White America because black youth are experiencing outrageous unemployment but there isn't a honkey in the White House in the last eight years and it is his policies that are causing record black poverty and dependence upon the Federal Dole.

So to the black asshole Krapernick, you do have some freedom here despite your spin to the contrary:
  • You can commit suicide.   If life is so bad for you, just blow your brains out;
  • Visit Chicago.   One of your bros will take your life for you; 
  • Buy a one way ticket to Africa and stay there;
  • Renounce your American citizenship and leave;
  • Act like a man and start mentoring (god forbid) young black men and teach them to keep their fucking penises in their pants and to start respecting black women and stop using them as a living black ass flashlight; you could show black men that despite being stupid and ungifted, that you can steal millions of dollars from white people just by putting on a jock, a cup, and wearing the costume of an NFL player.
Given the putrid notion that black lives matter, I've had it with this type of black man who is so full of shit and devoid of intellect that he has to whine that there are victims caused by this country or by white people.   And if that black asshole had balls and were to respond to this blogazine, I'd enjoy refuting his comments and shoving them up his black ass and sending him to the bowels of Africa where he can try to make 25 cents next year.

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