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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Some things just don't go away.

The smell of vomit.

The smell of dog shit on the sole of your shoes.

The stench of ransom paid for hostages.

And yet, the mainstream media has done an underwhelming job showing curiosity that this Iranian deal does have trappings of trading Gitmo terrorists for an American traitor.

The King Pimple of a Man regime wants us to believe that our hostages were bound for America without any strings attached.   The fact that a plane was in Geneva, an Iranian plane filled with cash, just happened to be given the green light to leave the minute the plane carrying hostages from Iran took to the air hasn't been a juicy enough detail for our lazy media.

You see, their laziness was bought as they sold their souls to the regime they are covering.    To attack the regime would be to show they've been conned.

Not gonna happen.

The King Pimple regime wants us to believe that the fact that they used funds that we've frozen since the last Iranian hostage situation during the first term of Jimmy Carter proves there was no ransom being paid.   We owed this money anyway.   So you shouldn't read anything into the fact that after 37 years, we just happened to stumble upon a time when hostages were going to be released and that plane was cleared to take off.


Read more here.   I think you are going to puke.   If any of this is true, Obama should be impeached and removed from office.

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