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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Anyone who has done any research on the Clintons and their unethical and dishonest history knows that these are some smart ass hillbillies.

While Kankles the Klown is a hillbilly by marriage and by convenience, she is nonetheless one of the most brilliant and cunning earth-based demons around.

Her father, Satan, must be so proud.

Proof of this shrewdness is evidenced by the use of former Kankles the Klown Chief of Staff as a person instrumental in the coverup of the Clinton personal email server being used for official State Department business.

The recent release of the FBI interview of Kankles the Klown which showed that she can't remember anything (and might really be suffering from Mad Cow), has now interjected Cheryl Mills, once a servant of Kankles the Klown, now as her attorney in the interview.

And guess what, now Kankles and the Kunt Cheryl are trying to craft lawyer-client privilege to mask the entire situation!

The balls on that lesbian!

Read more.   Just as you thought this woman could not stoop to any more lows on ethics and propriety, this bitch digs another sub-cellar - closer to her father, Satan, and further from the truth!

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