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Thursday, September 29, 2016

I admire Hillary Rodhambone Clinton.

She can reach a conclusion (or three) based upon no facts faster than King Pimple of a Man can overspend your tax dollars.

She surmised in her smug, condescending, and confident bitch demeanor that the reason Donald J. Trump isn't releasing his tax returns is because:

  • Maybe he is not as wealthy as he claims;
  • Maybe he is not as charitable as he claims;
  • Maybe he doesn't want us to know who he has had business dealings with;
  • And she slides in another - maybe he doesn't pay taxes.
The last point is what Hillary really is inflamed about (she has gained about 50 pounds in her face over the past year).   You see, when you don't pay "your fair share" of taxes when you are gaudy rich, that is like aborting a black young male after exiting the woman.     Denying the leftist swine government their money so that they can pay to abort the black males before they exit the womb is outrageous!

But you really have to sink your teeth into her claim that Donald Trump PAID NO TAXES.

That simply is not possible.

What is entirely likely is that Donald Trump paid taxes but had offsets from loses or expenses that reduced his taxes; in the end, he paid no additional taxes above what his income said he should have done, but he legally complied with the tax code and didn't pay any more taxes than he was able to pay.

Big whoop.

You do that all the time when you claim a personal exemption or when you make someone else pay for your Chevrolet VaporVolt using your $7,500 tax credit.   By Hillary's definition of tax compliance, you are a tax cheat.

But wait, we need to examine Hillary Clinton's dealings with Wall Street where she hides and hides and hides her speeches that she mandates a transcript be made.

  • What is she hiding?
  • Why won't she let the little people know with whom she has had business dealings?
  • And why won't she let  you know what she has promised while making tens of millions from Wall Street Big Wigs? 
  • And what if she's been hiding her speaking fees from her income?     Maybe she's actually breaking the law!?
The problem with Hillary is that we already know she's dishonest and breaks laws - she redefines things when they inconvenient and then evades complying with the law and then says she's sorry (for intentionally breaking the law and she promises NEXT TIME she'll behave).

There is NO LEGAL obligation for you as a taxpayer to pay high taxes without offsetting them with EVERY LEGAL ALLOWANCE you can.   You don't get anything extra by paying more than your fair share and if a leftist pig whines because you didn't get gored, then tell the fat cunt to shut her fucking pie hole!

And who gives a flying fuck if the lazy and poor feel offended that Trump paid less than what leftists say is his fair share.   These motha focking lazy poor people are those 47% who don't pay a dime in income taxes at all because they get paid YOUR TAXES dollars with the fraudulent earned income tax credit!    Those pieces of poor shit who skate without paying a dime can't be offended since Trump is doing exactly what Hillary's voters are doing year after year!

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