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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

It is amazing how a faux desire for racial harmony that arose from the killing of a Phat Angel in Missouri that was never as the media had described; there was a rush to racial justice by the race-baiting industry of America financed by backers of the Democrat party; and the facts of the case were never fully aired or cared for by those seeking to make racial strife into something real instead of a fantasy created by leftist dollars.

What we have before us is now a movement based purely on fraud and deceit for the political gain of a party financed by George Soros to the tune of upwards of $100 million.   Soros has repeatedly made his money through selling short international currencies trying to destroy nations and his desire to have a one world government.

It should be noted that I am not part of those who feel there is an actual tangible conspiracy for a one-world government, but there are those who are acting on their own through their own greed to make such a case happen - people like Soros are as insidious and dishonest as any on this planet and he finances Hillary Clinton.   Surprise.  Surprise.

When someone like Soros who has no intent of purity and love finances a movement, you have to question the movement and anyone behind the movement.

Black Lives Matters is an entire fraud - a fake grassroots movement intent on leveraging the suspicions of the black community and exploiting it for profit.   There is no desire for any resolution to the pockets of actual racism that still exist.   For this is a movement on a higher level of racism - one where blacks fabricate cases, elevate them, craft them, ignore facts, and seek to gain power through deceit.    Instead of seeking to make each black individual accountable for their own failures, this movement of Black Lives Matter seeks to reward dishonesty and deception and to extort the greater society - whether it be cracka white - or whomever they can extort for profit.

There is no denial there is racism.    I get it.   I also know that racism knows no skin color or level of pigment for the exercise of its insidiousness.    It is illogical and dishonest to even suggest that blacks face more racism now than ever; it is also laughable to suggest that blacks aren't themselves racist.

I do find it interesting that instead of bringing awareness to real racism, Black Lives Matters has so made white people sick of being attacked for things they have not done.    I know in my own situation that I have reason to find blacks to be breeders of crime and violence.   I've felt the armed robbery by a black man; I've felt the gay intolerance of black men in the workplace.    Yet, I have tried for the decades since those situations to not laminate all black people with "blacks are bad" coverings.

While I am no active practitioner of black equality, I never seek to tarnish or to harm anyone.   I have no dog in the hunt and there is just no reason for me to feel passion for something that I have seen reduced in actuality - racism that blacks experience.    I cannot fathom why anyone would think a black person is inferior simply because of their excess pigmentation.    To me just being black is like just being a woman.   There are good ones, there are bad ones, and there are ones I wish would just drop dead.

So when we have people who suddenly change direction in their lives like the San Fransisco 49er backup quarterback Colin Krappernick (I will never call him by his real name out of contempt), we have to hold these mid-stream conversions with the contempt and the questioning they deserve.

Krappernick once played in the Super Bowl.   He once had the NFL by storm by being one of those running backs who thinks he can play quarterback.  And in this day and age of the NFL, there are no white versions of these guys - they all are black.    Don't ask me why.   This is a fact.  

After his Super Bowl loss, Krappernick's career went downhill - it could have been because the coach he played well for was terminated and the guy that replaced him was literally a former janitor that ended up as a head coach.    Well, Krappernick ended up sinking - he was awful - he was getting hurt.

And then Krappernick uttered to another black player the "n" word on the field as he was playing.

Krappernick is also an "n" word.

How can this happen?

Now the failure of the past couple of years goes from a well-kept, fairly attractive man with a wonderful body and once had a low key and likable person to a afro-wearing black militant who is as unlikable as possible and who has fallen for the black lives matter bilge.

The insidiousness of Krappernick has now devolved into him using his status of employed athlete to raise awareness for situations that are not as he presents - these are overexploited, carefully cherry-picked incidents that fit the narrative of the poor black person perpetual victimhood status.    These are the situations which fail to report that the police officers that have sometimes killed a black person are themselves black.    What we have here is an institutionalized racist narrative that all police lives are white and that they are out to kill black people.

Underreported are the situations where unarmed white males are killed by police.

You'd never know far more unarmed white males are killed than black males by police because the media only seeks to push the leftist agenda of the poor black victim.

We are told to believe that blacks are unfairly treated in our judicial system and that we are told to ignore that blacks do more crimes than whites by percentage of the population.   Those are the facts.   You may not like it.   But you can't ignore them.

We have rampant black on black crime in our cities.    We have no rumblings from our media about how young black men routinely kill each other and don't even bother with due process!    When we get mentions of Chicago crimes, we rarely get the full scope of how insidious black on black crime actually is and that Chicago is not a selected example of how rampant black violence against other black violence truly is.

Interestingly the Black Lives Matter and Colin Krappernick and his minions don't want to talk about this in their discussion of race.    You see having to face a fucked up community is not the reality that these assholes want to cover.   In order to sell more jerseys, Krappernick doesn't dare tell young black men to stop knocking up black women and then to run away from their responsibility of raising their broods.   Krappernick is not interested in the core of the problem in the black community where black males grow up without black males and role models and don't change the direction of their race or gender.   There is a perpetuation of black on black unmitigated reproduction and a lack of responsibility.   This is a fact.   It is unpleasant to face.   But we have this shit in the black community that cannot be solved by donating to a fake black cause when we need to teach our black young men to eschew that fat bitches they are humping for recreation and to instead just jerk off into a dixie cup.

And we must also face the reality that the Democrat party that has whored the black community out for Democrat profit is instrumental in the destruction of the nuclear black family and which has condoned implicitly about the black genocide where over tens of millions of black babies have been killed.    The party that panders to blacks is the enabler and the murderer of the black way of life and breeds the notion that blacks can never be more than saggy pant wearing thugs who have ambitions to be pro athletes or drug dealers.

If we are to stop the real racism on the black community, we must first destroy the Democrat Party as it is now constructed with the infestation of Progressives who formed planned parenthood solely to kill and to cull the black community.   If you don't believe me, do your research.

Once we stop making every black death, every black failure, and every black bad event into another case of racism, we'll be on the path to ending it and then when those neanderthals that are in honky skin raise their heads, we can lop them off together.    Until then, you are merely crying wolf, black people.   You are being the racists.   You are being the haters.

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