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Friday, September 30, 2016

The lying cunt Kankles the Klown has some nerve attacking Donald Trump about women.

Based upon what I've read and researched, Donald Trump has never defended a rapist or even been one.

But Hillary Clinton has defended her rapist husband repeatedly standing by her man like Tammy Whinette.    Hillary has defended her philandering husband when he committed sexual harassment against that fat sow in a blue dress while she was an intern and the dirty seed was spent in the White House.   Hillary Clinton has repeated attacked the women who have said that Clinton raped them, bit them, and assaulted them.

In short, Hillary Clinton is a two-faced cunt who only cares about herself and whose concern about women only centers around how wide Huma "Sharia Law" Lesbian spreads her legs for a good licking.

It is time for Donald Trump to shove Hillary's slurs against him back at her - time to smash that bitch with her past and her lack of true concern for other women!

And calling a woman that looks like Miss Piggy is not a bad thing.   It is telling the truth.

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