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Saturday, September 10, 2016

When you are a hysterical, low-life, congenital lying cunt like Kankles the Klown has been throughout her miserable life, it does not bode well when you have to call half of Donald J. Trump's supporters as "Deplorables".   She called them racists, homophobic, sexist, and xenophobic.

Well, bitch.    You stepped your fat ass ankles up into some serious dog shit.

You, cunt, are the racist - you assume because we question things about race, that that makes us racist.   That is not the case at all.   We just don't believe in enslaving black people with false promises to win votes and to then throw them onto the Democrat plantation like you do.   Your party has conned and lied and deceived to black people for half a century.

You are the racist.   Bitch.

Just because we are accurate in calling ugly and fat women as they are, that does not mean we are sexist.   It means our eyes are open and we tell the truth.  You have fat ass ankles.   Bitch.

Just because we don't support the unmitigated infestation and invasion of southern roaches who have no Constitutional right to be here that does not make us xenophobes.   That makes us responsible Americans who would welcome quality immigration as long as those immigrants aren't child molesters, drug dealers, murderers, drunk drivers, or people who are unwilling to learn english and agree to assimilate into the American culture.     Obviously since you pander to law-breakers, you are by your actions proving you are not qualified to be our President.   Perhaps you should take your fat ass, your health issues, you big trap, and your thick burger ankles and go run across the border and be the President that Mexico deserves.  

You fucking bitch.

Your party made hay out of Mitten Romneykins as he dismissed 47% of the voters (he wasn't even lying) because they are freeloading assholes.     Now it is time to smack your haggard old face like there is no tomorrow and to vote against your ass.

Thank you for just pushing me to the Trump side. 

Trump 2016.   The answer to the dead common, fat, ugly, bitchy haggard old woman.

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