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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

With the capture of the weekend terrorist, we are finding out information about what a disgusting jerk he truly is.   It is a shame his head wasn't popped by gunfire spreading his diseased brain all over the pavement and having his blood spurt out of the resulting opening like a fountain of Allahfuckbar cherry syrup.

According to this dirtbag's former girlfriend, "The Afghan immigrant suspected of planting bombs in Chelsea and New Jersey was a dead-beat dad who raged against gays, the military and American culture."

In other words, he has the same feelings that our King has to our great institutions.    And our Mooslim King exploits gays for his profit, not theirs.

I think we should invoke a special 1 minute court case for him - after he is found guilty of being a dirtbag, he should be taken to the tallest building in America and pushed off it so he has time to get his thoughts ordered so he can meet his Allahfuckbar after being turned into hamburger.     And just to make it even more delicious, let's find the oldest and nastiest bacon we can top his sorry ass with (that is if we can find if it hasn't been made part of the concrete).

And our King wants us not to jump to conclusions.

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