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Monday, September 19, 2016

Update:   I want to apologize to the King.    I was not nearly disrespectful enough toward him below.

I just read that the asshole had the audacity to say, “I would ask that the press try to refrain from getting out ahead of the investigation."   This from the same asshole who jumps to conclusions based upon no facts when one of his "sons" is sent to meet his maker.    This jerk does nothing but get ahead of investigations.   He is the most insidious, racist, and disgusting man to ever impersonate a President.


You have got to give King Pimple of a Man credit.

He is always consistent.

He jumps to racist conclusions at the slightest amount of evidence; and even when the evidence could never support his position, he blathers about race and always sides with the murdering thug.

For a supposed American born Christian, this jerk has a foul way of proving he's American born and not a Mooslim.   

We've had multiple proved mooslim-linked terrorist actions over the past few days and this supposed American born King has yet to jump to any conclusion other than to tell black folk that if they don't vote for Kankles the Klown that they are insulting his sorry black ass.

When King Pimple ignores something, he does it intentionally.     This is one whining, loud-mouthed pansy who has no shortage of attacking real natural born Americans and Christians.    He'll run his pie-hole so often that he could produce electricity with those donkey ears with which he was hatched.   He'll jump to race-baiting conclusions with the acceleration of a Mustang on a drag strip.   It takes nothing to promote this asswipe to run his trap about race.

But we can't seem to get this clown to mention militant islamic terrorists/terrorism.

Evidently you can't pry his jaws open to form the words "militant islamic terrorists".

Therefore we must assume since he has no balls with which to form those words that he is a mooslim, he is a rabid supporter of the flying carpet religion, and is our enemy.

We must also acknowledge that this jerk is a dishonest mother fucker.   He has repeatedly lied about giving money to the Iranians - how much it was - how it was transferred - and why he gave them money.

Coincidentally over the weekend we found out that this jackass liar we have occupying 1600 Pennsylvania has transferred $1.7 billion dollars to the Iranians - not just the $400 million he continues to say he never gave the Iranians to release selected hostages.    And now we have an additional million dollars plus $188 million transferred via wire - something he has no authority to do and is in violation of numerous Federal Laws in conjunction to transferring money to Iran.

This asshole is so not a Christian and it is just and proper to continue to question that his hatching was not on American soil - since he'll lie about anything - he'll lie about being an American.

And contrast how this blabbermouth will insult real Americans who are Republicans at the slightest provocation and nary a whimper paid to Islamic Terrorism.

This asshole is the worst of the worst.   He makes Jimmy Carter look competent.    And he makes the Tea Pot Dome Scandal look like honest trading.

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