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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Democrats are all abuzz that they finally have the killer story to put Donald J. Trump into the record book of pencil holders John McCain, Bob Dole, and the Binder Filled With Women Metrosexual, Mittens Romney.

It is now certain that Donald J. Trump loves pussy.

He wants to hold it.

He wants to fuck it.

He wants to grope it.

He admits that he is a heterosexual male when doing so is tantamount to beating a women; for to the left, loving and wanting to sniff and to fuck cunt is equal to rape.   Even thinking about using a woman for pleasure is equal to rape.

So the left is just beside themselves - Hillary is confused since she loves pussy too - but she has to have a public and private position for everything (from her latest hacked emails from her turd campaign manager Podesta).   Privately she's making Huma purr (and is celebrating 20 years of doing so).  Publicly she's having to remember the last time she fucked her rapist husband.

Now Donald Trump is caught being a real man and actually talking vulgar about pussy.   Can you imagine the hysteria that is going on it dyke bars where they have to admit they talk vulgar about miss piggy, fat, and stank pussy.    Trump is talking about wanting to do beautiful women!   Good lawd!  (Clutching my pearl necklace with so much energy that I think I broke a nail).

Our investigators with Bubba News Network (BNN) went to bars across the nation and interviewed men to see if they were outraged that Donald wants to grope boobs and hold onto pussy.    We were shocked to find that there were no men that found the way he said this to be offensive.

"Focking A, man!" said Jethro Rammingston.   "I loves me some cunt too.  I love burying my face into those cunt lips and licking it until she gushes."

"I love boobs.  Donald loves boobs.   I will vote for him," said Stroking Joe, the bartender at Tits and Twats, a Nashville Bar and Pool Room.

When we went to metrosexual juice bars, there was universal outrage from male patrons who were sitting crosslegged and wearing sandals.

"That's just gross.   My girlfriend told me I should hate Trump and I'll do what she says," says Barry Farqua.

"My girlfriend tells me that I should never objectify her and that when we make love, she tells me what to do and then gives me permission to finish in a Kleenex."  remarked Brad Fadwell.

Across the nation women who want to be paid equal pay for taking years off because they decided not to abort their one night stand byproduct were outraged.   Sadly we could not quote what the women said because the language was so nasty and toe curling that even I blushed.

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