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Friday, October 21, 2016

During the Presidential debates of this election cycle, one thing is clear.

If you are a motivated, hard-working person, you are the enemy of Hillary Clinton.

How can I say that?    Hillary said she would not raise taxes on the Middle Class or the poor and she'd give your kids free college and nothing would impact the deficit at all.

And the Middle Earth and Hobbits are real.


Let us understand this very clearly - even if you seized all of the assets of the 1%, you could not pay off the national debt that we have incurred over the past 240 years.     Simply raising taxes on the rich who already pay over half the federal income taxes paid by individuals even to 99% of income earned would not pay off the debt incurred by President Obama in his eight years of terror on our country.

So it is dishonest (fancy that) for Hillary to use the usual leftist shit that she'll soak the rich so that the poor and middle class can get free shit.

What Hillary and the Democrats are advocating is called "Trickle Up Economics" - by stealing the wealth of the rich and giving it to the poor, it is said that the masses will suddenly be more intelligent, prudent, and wise with their life choices and the economy would boom like we've never seen before.

The problem with this economic policy of "Trickle Up Economics" is that it doesn't exist.

Here's why.

Everyone makes life choices that may or may not be wise.     There are just as many stupid rich people as there are stupid poor people - the stupid rich likely inherited their wealth and blow it - look at the likelihood of the average NFL or NBA player - they get millions in their short careers and end up filing for bankruptcy - they buy depreciating assets like cars and/or squander it on friends, drugs, booze, or sluts.    What houses they buy are foreclosed on because their income is squandered so that the one smart idea they had can't be sustained.   Look at those on welfare - they continue to reproduce without any concern for their ability to pay because they know they don't have to pay - you will be forced to do so.    These are the same people who will spend $2500 on rims to put on a car that has a $500 loan value.   These are the same people who will not forgo their urges to have the best smartphone when they can't afford the electric bill.

And suddenly we are going to think these poor asswipes are going to rise up with intelligence once they have money taken from the rich and given to them?

These are the same asswipes who whine that they are making minimum wage.   These are the same asswipes who in high school dressed up in athleticware and fancied themselves the next big NBA star.    So they didn't learn jack.   They only know how to hump or take a peen and how to multiply in utero.   These jerks have no skills, no critical thinking, can't add or subtract in their heads, and think they are owed things because they are poor.

Now it is true that there are poor people who are motivated.   And these are the same poor people who usually don't accept government assistance - they do things the old fashioned way - they get off their asses, skin their knees by trying, and ultimately pull their own asses out of the gutter instead of being sent to the Democrat Plantation for Perpetual victims.

Throwing money at the poor has not done jack - we have the highest poverty rate in decades under this Administration - black poverty and unemployment is higher now than it ever was under George W. Bush.

Trickle Up Economics pre-supposes that the Government knows better than the rich how to spend their money.    So instead of spending money on big ticket items, investing in businesses, hiring people, or building new expensive homes, the Government takes that money and gives it to the masses to spend on hoes, drugs, alcohol, and other vices while there is nothing gained by the economy in those one time purchases; when the rich buy a new expensive car, they pay for the salesman, the other workers, and the other business's overhead; that money then travels "down" to others.   When a poor person spends $250 on a new tv, it is small potatoes; even if 10,000 deadbeats were to spend that money on a new tv, that is a one time purchase.   These are not appreciating assests.   These are disposable items.    A smart rich person in this example would invest $250k in a new home downpayment that will generate taxes to the local authorities, have a return on the investment during the sale - creating more wealth.    That $250 tv with the poor will be lucky to be worth $50 in five years - or even functional.

Making tuition free is a big mistake.    Just like when you make it so people have health insurance and you pay for routine and mundane things, there will be a higher amount of demand on services - services with finite resources - and the cost will increase and the motivation to increase costs will increase.    We already know that since Government has become more heavily involved in Tuition and student loan assistance, that the costs for college have skyrocketed.   And since Universities are more likely than not to just raise tuition when the costs can be paid for by bilking students into taking out loans, if we make it so every schmuck can go to college tuition free, it will cause and explosion of costs.   And since Universities are leftist institutions, they won't care if they raise costs - someone else will pay for it.

I became a first time voter in the 1980 election - I lived through the Jimmy Carter economy where interest rates were in double digits - where inflation was the same - and unemployment was hitting that mark as well.

Jimmy Carter was not a trickle down economic believer.

But Ronald Reagan was.

Within four years - his first term, the trend of exploding interest, unemployment, and inflation had been reversed.    Putting money in the hands of those who succeed worked.   And in four more years Reagan had made it an entrenched economic pattern of success.  Democrats lie - that is what they do - Reagan's trickle down worked for the masses - you cannot uplift those who are lazy - they will always have their hands out and are perfectly willing to continue to do things so that they can get a hand out.    We saw what happened when you raise taxes like President H.W. Bush did - a then record increase that he enacted that violated his "read my lips ... no new taxes" pledge.

In the 1990's, the economic growth under Clinton was actually no better than Bush - but in 1996 there was a world glut of oil - oil prices decreased - the economy picked up - and there was the boom in dot.coms.    Nothing here was a product of a Democrat policy.    It was not until Clinton was forced by Republicans to control spending and to decrease taxes that the surpluses that we are said to have produced ever happened.    Read this loud and clear - had the Republicans and Gingrich not done what they had done, there would have been no budget surplus ever.

Unfortunately for America, we elected G.W. Bush - a fake conservative and a guy who wanted to look big to avenge the death threat against his father.    September 11th happened and stalled all economic growth (that had already stalled in the last six months of Clinton).     And then the progressive infestation started - the banks collapsed because they were forced to give loans to people who couldn't afford them because of extortion by people like private citizen lawyer Barack Obama and his ilk that claimed (wrongfully) that minorities were denied loans; what was the really happening was that loans in areas of poor home values weren't being made - and since the poor migrate to low rent areas, they lowered property values and made it worthless to offer loans to those zip codes.    It was not race or ethnicity per se that was the problem, it was the geographic clustering of deadbeats and low income people.    But Democrats love to invent crises (while hiding their own).   And so we ended up having to loan to the people who couldn't afford them and they folded.

Bill Clinton is the clown who allowed banks to get into the cluster fuck mortgage backed securities by eliminating the Depression era law that forbid it.   Republicans had nothing to do with this.    And so banks do what they do - they are greedy  and they hid dogshit in between a few good pieces of paper and sold these mortgage backed securities.   And then when the economy was tightening up and the poor who could not afford jack started to fold, there was a cascade of failures - the dog shit which were these mortgages became worthless and then there was a cascade of greedy rich people having paper that was worthless.   Then they couldn't afford things and the cascade in the latter half of 2008 happened.

Ironically one of the extortionists of banks that created this mess, Barack Obama, became President and started whining he inherited a bad economy - he didn't just drop into the office - he asked to be President - so he inherited nothing - but he exploited this to pad the federal budget baseline by one trillion and has repeatedly overspent by over $1 trillion each year (thus his $9 trillion additional debt); Hillary Clinton claimed that Obama cut the deficit by 2/3rds but he did not cut the total debt.   Going from $1.1 trillion in deficits to $550 billion is not even good news - that is malfeasance!

The net here is that the Federal Government cannot spend its way into economic prosperity - stealing people's money to give to someone else is a one time transaction that will not replicate in the following years.

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