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Monday, October 10, 2016

I have to marvel at the two-faces that comprise the American Modern Leftist Swine cause.

On the one hand the leftist pigs had no problem running and supporting a serial philandering rapist as a Presidential candidate.    We were told that this was all about sex and who are we to judge it?    We were told that the women who accused Bill Clinton of rape were hoes who merely were attracted to a dollar bill dragged through trailer parks.    

You see, there is something special about women who accuse leftist swine of sexual misconduct.

The misconduct matters not.   The fact that women would dare rise up and to accuse a leftist pig is outrageous and those women must be wrong.

And so we enter the debate last night where the worthless leftist debate moderators made the vulgarities of the mouth of Trump into something far, far more outrageous than a former President who did in fact commit the textbook definition of sexual harassment with an unpaid intern in the workplace of the people - creating a hostile work environment that anyone who third hand experienced it could reasonably hold Bill Clinton civilly liable for damages under the leftist spin on sexual harassment.   One need not be the one on which semen be spewed in a work environment to claim sexual harassment.   You need only to assert that you find the workplace to be one that has significant power being waged over employees in a sexual quid pro quo - and there was enough quid being quo'd upon interns to constitute an unlawful sexual exploitation by management.

Yet, the leftists have found morality - a sudden change of their usual "everything goes" approach to sex and find that words uttered by a man who was not in power of any kind at the time of the utterings is somehow guilty of something criminal.    And because he claimed to have exploited women, that means he did.    Having a semen stained dress isn't even in the picture here.    There are only the words of a neanderthal man with lots of money who says he does things with women as if he was a school boy trying to rub one off between classes.

The leftist moderators, a gay man and a haggard woman with long hair, had to take this pathetic opportunity to point out that school children are assigned to watching the debates and having to report on it and the material being covered is of strong sexual content.    The moderators hid their leftist indignation behind a questioned pondered by an idiot, but make no mistake here, the situation with Trump is being used to mask the stench of a woman who for decades has stood by her man who happens to be at best a serial philandering pig and at worst one of America's worst serial rapists.

The left thus has to mask the stench of Kankles the Klown's war on women who took Bill bent peen (through voluntary action or had it thrust up their vajayjays without consent).    And since the videotape of the piggery of Trump was brought about by the Bush klan, we know the fix is in and this is a piling on by enemies of Trump like we've never seen in American politics.   It is quite pathetic, really, that words mean more than serial rape - but the left is so desperate to have Kankles the Klown as the first witch to occupy the White House in the position of supreme kommandant.

And so the left whines that the poor children must hear course language about sex and touching pussy and worshiping oversized mammaries.    Yet, nearly 20 years ago, the left and the media had no problem reporting on oral sex that wasn't sexual relations and that semen could find itself on a blue dress of an employee.    That was okay because Hillary and Bill were taking a village to raise our young and sometimes leftists can be mortal instead of gods of all things wonderful.

Let us not forget that Bill Clinton hasn't stopped his philandering after he left the White House.   The old toad has been mounting women outside of his matrimony for years.   He's even ridden on the plane of a child molester numerous times without any hint of concern by the media, including these two leftist pig moderators.     Apparently sex is sex and none of our business when it is committed by a leftist in the most disgusting way, but when someone not of the leftist peen bend goes to the course and vulgar side, it matters.

So here we are - the two faces of the leftist media finding sex to be a powerful weapon to deny a person the highest office while they covered someone who committed sexual harassment and rape with multiple occurrences. 

And you wonder why those of us who seek liberty and Constitutional governance decry that there is a leftist double standard in the media and it only is used to protect their kind and to protect their campaign contributions to the candidates on the left.

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