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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sadly, I listened to Glenn Beck today on the way to work.    I say sadly, because I remember that at one time around 2006, Beck was an innovative broadcaster who grasped reality and was the next big thing.

In 2016, Glenn Beck has significant psychological issues - so severe that I pray he'll kill himself and we can be done with him.

Beck is a former DJ who is an alcoholic and a Mormon and who is a prolific writer.    He was once one of the brightest stars on the national airwaves, but has gone through some tough times lately as he has both physical and psychological problems - the former being far less serious than the latter.   

In listening to 30 minutes of the Beck show today, he was once again claiming the moral high ground by preaching against Trump (lest ye not be judged you fucking moron, Beck).    With no particular allegiance to Trump, I do find the reasons behind Beck's whining to be rather remarkable being expressed by a man over 50 years of age.

He claims that Trump's victory in the nomination process for the Republicans was a bad thing and that by being in the running for the nomination ruined it for little dick Rubio and big schmuck Ted Cruze.    I am not sure I was able to grasp the logic of Beck's position since there was so little of it to grasp.   Supposedly Trump had no place ruining it for Little Dick and Big Schmuck and since Trump isn't a pure conservative (outstretch your hand and arm and click your heels together and imagine 1930's Germany).    So rather than just pander to an ideology, Trump is guilty of not playing fair with the children who wanted to play in Trump's sandbox.

It was also said by Beck that Trump didn't play fair.


Beck then goes into a tirade that Trump never had a chance to win and that Little Dick could have been a significant foe to Kankles the Klown - alas, Beck forgets that Little Dick is afraid of clowns and his own shadow.   And he couldn't even master being an effective asshole against Trump; rather Little Dick came off as an unwashed asshole and soon he disappeared (where hopefully he found some Charmin).    Over at the Big Schmuck Green Eggs and Ham workshop, Theodore Big Schmuck wanted to make sure that you all knew he was a Motha Fucking Superior to us all - and even though I liked that he respected the Constitution, I wasn't prepared to suck his dick like the Mormon Glenn Beck did to the tune of over $500k in direct and indirect campaign contributions to his campaign.

Of course Beck will seek to blame the election of Kankles the Klown as President (he's predicting it like a bad leftist swine poll) on Trump and his supporters instead of blaming it on ill prepared Little Dicks and Big Schmucks who couldn't win even if they had a Lottery Scratch off ticket that had every space as a winner.    

Beck is of course covering his own dirty ass by pointing fingers - with two weeks to go and Kankles the Klown being proved on a daily basis to be the witch, the bitch, and the liar we always knew she was - Beck wants you to know he's not to blame (even though he is).    This jerk is a two-faced miscreant who writes on a black board and cries like a baby having to clean the erasers.    This metrosexual whimpering douchebag is a coward - a blowhard - a rancid, mean-spirited man-cunt who likely thinks manspreading is something you do with semen on a Ritz.

Beck also finds someone who shares his belief that the rabid right conservative talk show hosts that aren't named Beck are out there to sell commercial time over being true conservatives and standing up for Little Dick and Big Schmuck.   Apparently in the world of Beck, you can't be a serious piece of shit until you just sell your soul to an undersized penis and a really big dick head.    And since neither of these phallicals had a chance to win, let's just put principle over victory and pretend that we are just too precious to win Miss Butterchurn 2016.    Being a principled loser is a high and mighty position to take as you sit underneath the hole in a portable johnny.    Better to lose with shit on your face than to be a winner with bold intentions!

Of course I am a Libertarian who finds much laughter in the repugnant Right - but since these clowns aren't as skilled as the Democrats in selling out their country, their founding fathers, and your children and grand children (that manage to escape a partial birth abortion), I leave the Repugnicons to fight amongst themselves and to circle jerk to blanks and cries for more Viagra.

I close hoping that God will take Beck soon and that Hillary Clinton will trip over a lie and knock herself out so she just looks like a beached whale.   I wish that Donald Trump would have his hair attack him and eat him up and give himself a good fondle and a pinch on the rear and kiss his own arse.

I am not sure whom I'll write in Tuesday two weeks removed, but whomever gets my vote will likely have four feet and a tail and meow.

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