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Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Democrap Party of the United States has an offensive playbook that is so tired that it is more worn out than their candidate for President - Kankles the Klown.

Regardless of the Republican and regardless of the election, Democraps sling the same sling, make the same accusations, and don't bother to have any research to back up their false claims.

On the wrong side of Russia
Exploit and hate women
Exploit and hate black people
Love the rich, hate the poor

In 2012, the Democrats lambasted Romney (aka Mittens) for having the audacity to claim that Russia was the biggest threat (along with Iran) to national security.    King Pimple of a Man was so insistent that Romney was wrong on Russia that he mocked Romney claiming the 1980's wants their foreign policy back.

In 2016 the Democrats are now whining about Russia as being a threat.

In 2012, the Democrats lambasted Mittens for having a "binder filled with women".   They couldn't get Romney on having been nasty with women, so they fabricated that he had in possession a binder filled with Playboy centerfolds; Romney clearly was talking about women's resumes; the Democrats fabricated the nasty intentions.

In 2016, the Democrats have invented that Trump is hitting on women and a predator.  As of this writing, over half of the claimed invented situations have been proved false.

In 2012, the Democrats claimed that Romney had written off 47% of the population and because he was white, he hated black people.

In 2016, the Democrats have called half of Trump's supporters as racists and unworth while people.   Trump has never impugned black people.    He has supported the police which the Democrats by association fabricates a racist claim.

In 2012, because Romney was a self-made man and rich, he was instantly out of touch with those who sit on the couch and collect welfare checks.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton makes millions per speech and is said to know all about poor people.    Her emails along with other leaked ones show she's a bigot, a rich bitch, and that she has a public and private position on all issues.   Only she mocks black people by doing stereotypical speaking patterns before black people while doing white talk with white people.   Trump has never done this.

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