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Sunday, October 9, 2016

The longer I live, the more laughable life has become.

We have replaced common sense with the notion of political correctness; we seek to emasculate men in order to give women a chance to succeed when they have no right to even be in the competition.   And it is the left who seek to lower standards and to weaken men in order to make women competitive.

Over on the right we have men who are like Neanderthals or wild horses who seek to turn women into nothing but breeding stock and are content to drag their women by the hair out of elevators and then hope to have a chance to continue to play in the National Football league.

And then we have all of this by the left claiming that objectifying women is worse than raping them.   You see, the actual rapist is the most important thing and as long as he's good 90% of the time and has the correct penile and political bend, whatever he does to women is just an unfortunate cost of doing political business.

Rosie O'Donnell - Protecting the fat among us.
The left has made much hay defending fat and ugly women and seeking to leverage their Frankenstein looks into excuses that they should be appreciated; nature is cruel - some of us are born with bodies whose sole objective is to keep our heads above a certain linear footage of water; some of us are born with bodies that light sexual urges in others.   But being fat and ugly is not a defensible set of qualities that should be defended and celebrated.    Being fat and ugly is no more a reason to feel sorry for women than the ones who have robust boobs and thighs.   You see, while fat and ugly women feel no pressure to have sex by men (since men often don't want them), fat women don't know the pain of being just viewed as a semen receptacle by men.    Yet, somehow, being fat and ugly carries with it more reason to protect these robust members of the human herd; the attractive don't get protections from predators.

And so when you are a man and you point out that a woman is robust in mass and has an appearance that causes visual rabies, that is a horrible thing - one that must be defended and those who dare to point out the obvious are very bad men.    It should be noted that fat and ugly women are really protected by what are called lesbians.  

Yet, there is this stigma that has been created by women seeking to exploit women for their own power that if a man were to state what his inner voice (and erection) are feeling out loud, that that is a horrible thing - maybe even worse than calling a fat pig a fat pig.   How dare a man use his own biology in a way that gains him power - women can exploit their biology to kill their unborn, to drive their born children into the drink, and can use their biology to get time off from work to drop babies and then to demand that their "time served being a woman and  a mother" gives them just as much "time on the job" as men who were actually working in their jobs.    You see, women must be paid the same as men even if the women get to take vacations using their biology as an excuse.   Men are stuck at work without benefit of having a cunt.

Donald Trump and his women
And now we have the reality of Donald J. Trump being one rich motherfucker who actually objectifies women!

Good lawd!

There is this notion that being rich means you must abandon natural urges.

Well, asshole leftists, men are men and men dig pussy and dig chicks.    Men want to do as many as possible and have no interest in wanting to hump fat Rosie's when they can have hourglass figure wenches.   And I find it outrageous that men on the right will suddenly be aghast that there are men who will vocalize what they'd want to do to a pretty woman.   I swear - even as a gay guy who talks with other gay guys about what I'd want to do with a hot guy, I find it outrageous that anyone would be sickened by what Donald Trump said.

He's a breeder for Pete's sake.   He wants to tap pussy and ride it all night long!   That is normal!   He is no transgendered pity party whining he can't use a woman's room.   He's a red-blooded American male who wants to slide his cock into as many pretty women - and he's rich - and women are more likely to do it with a man with a huge wallet first and foremost!

Don't whine.   Women are money-grubbing sluts who do in fact seek to enrich themselves at the expense of the easiest bait and switch that humans have ever know - a huge rack and a juicy pussy will bag a rich man just as well as a poor one.   And women do in fact prey upon men's desires and will harvest wallet contents and riches in order to leverage their cunts.

Yet, what we have here is more than a dead common man trapped in a rich man's body.

We have also have a woman who has used other women to advance her position in life.

Hillary Clinton standing behind her man
She's repeatedly allowed her scumbag husband to bag and screw and to bite and to rape real women.    Bill Clinton didn't just objectify women - he abused them - he raped them - he exploited them without just whistling at them as they walked by a construction site.

Get it through your fucking heads, leftist swine.

Hillary Clinton's actions of going after women
who her husband has abused and raped is far far worse of an offense than a dead common, red-blooded American male who talks with his erection.    You see the left has gone so far as to label consensual sex as rape, and Bill Clinton has gone behind a bouquet of flowers and bit, hit, and coerced women to get him off.    Hillary Clinton is not some Mrs. Cleaver from "Leave it to Beaver" where she was weak and willing to stand by her man.   Hillary Clinton leveraged Bill Clinton's penis and outrageous sex drive for her own political profit - she built her career off of Bill Clinton's rapes.   She went after each and every Bimbo that had the unfortunate misfortune of meeting Hillary's husband and their only crime was not being a fat cow that could have crushed Bill when he tried to steal sex from them.

It is one thing to roll your tongue out as a male at a beautiful body.

It is quite another to unzip your pants and to force yourself upon a woman and it is even worse when you are a woman and you not only support your husband, you cover for him, and you enable his serial rapes.

Hillary Clinton is the worst of the worst - a two faced hag who whines about equal pay for equal work (and then pays her female staff less than men); she exploits all of Bill's victims so she can become President.

While Donald Trump's comments were distasteful, they pale in comparison to the woman who has made rape victims her cash cow for her political career.

This November, remember that the real war on women is called THE CLINTONS.

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