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Monday, October 10, 2016

The run-up to the second Presidential debate had all the trappings of a Queen's coronation and the death of neanderthal man.

On Friday, we had the equivalent of political friendly fire where the Republican establishment leaked a recording of Donald Trump proving he is a healthy, virile straight male who values women for their reproductive ability.

Friendly fire, you say?

Yes, the person who was complicit in this tape of male on female vulgarities has family linkage to the Bush family - yes, that Bush family.   And we know that there is a motive for the Bushes to take out Donald.   And with the Bushes doing everything to take out Trump prior to this moment, the mysterious appearance of this tape had all the trappings of a mob hit on Trump than a political October surprise by the Clinton campaign.   And you know there is close relations between most of the Bushes and the Clintons and the timing of this hit piece had all the trappings of Republicans kneecapping Trump via the Clinton campaign.

This whole vulgar affair was set up so carefully as to frame this debate in Donald's War on Women - particularly fat, distasteful, nasty women, and now him valuing the female form for some sexual gratification.

The trap had been set.

Donald was going to be toast.

Well, that didn't happen.

A funny thing happened on the way to the first questions that were set up so as to give Hillary the momentum to get Donald all hot and bothered and to sink like a witch at a good Salem dunking.

Donald seized the moment - he went after the pig Bill Clinton - the real rapist - the real sexual
harassment machine - the real Neanderthal that bit, raped, and assaulted so many women that it is almost impossible to name them all.

Never before has the former philanderer in chief been so publicly rebuked for his uncontrolled sexual predatory traitors.   This was a dressing down that would have made Kenneth Starr tingle with school-girl giddiness. 

And, to make matters worse for Kankles the Klown, Donald set up the case that Hillary was the co-conspirator in these rapes - attacking the women accusing her serial philandering husband - painting the picture that Hillary was the caretaker of Dracula's coffin enabling him to prey upon women like a bent dicked venereal diseased vampire.

And Donald was not politically correct.   He went after Bill Clinton - he called Hillary a liar.

And then he said when he becomes President there will be a special prosecutor and that Hillary would be in jail.

At that point, Hillary stopped being the memorized condescending cunt that she was in the first debate as she impersonated Satan being able to quote the Bible chapter and verse but not being able to actually read a word from the book.    She was pre-programmed with her one-liners and she delivered them in the smugness that only a lying cunt can deliver.

Trump ruled this debate.   Hillary was constantly under attack - questions on one thing had Donald pivoting back with a crucifix and garlic pressed against her forehead and she had no command on the tone of the debate.    Trump was constantly chasing the daughter of Satan with her record - with her dishonesty - with her 33,000 deleted emails - forcing her to go to her stock defense that she made a mistake having a personal email account (she intentionally created a personal email server, not a google account) and Trump repeatedly chased her with the truth as if he also had a stake in the other hand ready to send the bitch back to her Daddy in hell.

Ultimately Clinton could not pivot Trump's locker room talk into any scoring points - Trump handled it with a beauty I didn't think he had and then went right after Hillary's personal war on Bimbos.

Trump also gave the cunt a taste of her own running mate as he strategically talked over her while she was talking - he was not nearly as bad as that yutz Kaine who interrupted the other guy some 70 times.   Trump pinned his ears back and went after the possessed, serial liar.

When the old cunt went after Trump on being a racist, Trump quickly reminded the old skank bitch that her campaign birthed the Birther movement and spread racist pictures about King Pimple of a Man prior to Donald seizing the moment.     He was most effective.   She looked startled that Donald was cogent and decisive.    He played her fat ass like it was an old cunt orchestra where her pussy was one he wouldn't even molest.

Both debaters were asked to name one good thing about each other, a typically worthless question that was made to pander to chicks and metrosexual males who want to be women but are afraid to cut off their own cocks.    Kankles the Klown immediately named Donald Trump's children as his best item (which avoided naming anything about Donald himself as being a good point); Donald countered by appreciating her resilence.    Apparently Kankles felt slighted that Donald did not recognize her daughter Chessie as being something of value.   It was a delicious smackdown by Trump which also meant that Kankles' maternity value was also damaged goods.

We are now tied - Trump easily won this debate.    Kankles the Klown with some profoundly thick ankles during this event that made her look like her legs were an old Virginia ham never recovered, never seized the stage, and looked like a sluggish robot who managed to flash so many "I hate you looks" back at Trump when he was shoving her serial dishonesty up her ass.

Unfortunately for Kankles the Klown, she does not have a month to rest up for these debates - she blew it tonight and had to sit immediately upon reaching the stage while Trump stood behind his chair.   Kankles will have to absolutely slaughter Trump to win this election.   Unfortunately America has already heard her pat, rehearsed, smug one-liners and she could be made to eat those one-liners and that will be delicious.

Make no mistake, Hillary is not preparing to become President.   She is memorizing lines to a sick play where she wants to fool America into making the second biggest mistake they've ever made.    The first being electing King Pimple of a Man the first.

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