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Monday, October 10, 2016

With the recent video of Donald Trump's vulgarities toward women, I think it is time to revisit the relentless leftist cause - now elevated to front and center - "The War on Men".

This is an undeclared war - a war that dare not be declared in specific terms - but it is nonetheless a war that is as potent as the fabricated "War on Women".

With Donald Trump's vulgarities, we have proof positive that men are just nasty creatures whose only real purpose in life is to reach things on the top shelf and to be used to harvest sperm (preferably without engaging in penetrative sex).

You can laugh at this notion, but hear me out.

"Man-spreading" was a big issue a few months ago - men sitting in a seat - on a subway - on a bus or plane - or in a movie theatre.    Men have the audacity to sit in a manner that is comfortable to them because there is junk between their legs and junk needs space to breathe - space to settle - and space to expand as necessary.

To hear the left, "Man-spreading" is a crime against humanity - men having the audacity to take more space then their frame would normally require.    And since women have no need to spread their legs for anything other than for consensual rape (real sex), women can sit their pear shaped, cottage cheese asses in a chair and place their legs together (or robust virginia ham thighs) and consume precious little space.    Biology makes it easy for a woman to sit like this since they have a wide ass gap between their thighs due to pelvic construction and men don't.   Yet men need to have space to allow the hungs and dangles to settle.    Nature is cruel in this matter - women are spread open because sometimes a baby that is conceived actually gets born (unless it is pulled out in pieces during an abortion).  

Men are truly interesting creatures - left to their own devices they are quite crude.   I'm talking about real men here - not metrosexual men who are fake men who truly want a sex change.   I'm not talking about women who think they are men who dress like men and try to look like men.   Those are lesbians or gender speculators who don't matter any time.

Male crudity is delicious.   We will talk amongst ourselves about sex and wanting to nail a pussy - any pussy, if we are straight, and us fags take it to a new level by talking about our conquests or what we'd "do to him" if we had a chance.    We don't care about whether this is vulgar or not.   We are men.   We are talking with each other.   And sometimes that male/male environment elevates the need to be crude, to be vulgar.

Of course there are the wimps, the metrosexual males who are suffering from male guilt being born with a penis that works and balls that might impregnate.   These metrosexuals are worthless pieces of shit - honestly - they are prudes because to show sexual interest without permission of a vulva is to be a disgusting MAN.   Metrosexuals are the wusses who shave their pubes, remove their body hair, and look like they've spent half the day grooming every portion of their body.

Real men have only the need to shower and to use soap - their hair is combed or brushed enough to allow it to air dry on the way to whatever we are going to do.    Real men have body hair and a nest of pubes so wonderful and thick that you just want to admire it for its old growth status.    Real men scratch their balls and adjust themselves without shame.   Real men wear men's pants - not those hip huggers that women wear that metrosexual males have made their own.   Real men wear Levi's 501's or something similar that show off their full bubble butts and which reach the belly button in height to point toward the treasure trail that hints at a vast forest of manhood below.

Real men do look at women as if their lives depend on humping them.   Real men - real gay men - will follow another male's bubble butt like it is being tracked for a heat seeking missile.    We men don't have to apologize one bit for being neanderthal and wanting to put our peens in other people for our own self-gratification.   We are built to objectify other humans for sexual purpose, for sexual conquest, and to conclude busting a huge nut and to give us the best damn orgasm we've ever had.

The left resents the existance of real men.

The political ideology of the left is to emasculate men - to lower all standards so women can be made to qualify for positions, and when boys are in school, the left tries its best to make boys feel like shit, to treat boys like worthless future rapists, and to make sure a man knows that women are superior in every faze even if every sport must have rules changed to make women competitive by dumbing down the rules.

Donald Trump's real crime was having the audacity to being honest about being a man - he expressed his locker room mentality as an external monologue and that his being heterosexual means every nasty thought he has is another count of rape that hasn't yet been committed.   You see, men who are born with peen and balls are all future rapists - since even consensual sex is viewed by feminazis as rape.  

Somehow leftist swine are perfectly willing to accept leftist males who rape as something special to appreciate.   You see, these rapists say the right thing - that they value women - and that they don't vocalize their sleeze.    When men like Bill Clinton act as they do and are serial philanderers, we are told it is none of our business and that sex is off limits for application of morality.   And when a leftist male like Bill Clinton abuses women and roughs them up and bites them, that is okay because leftists ascribe to a leftist pig male positive qualities that frost the dog shit of their actions.    If a leftist man says all the right things that leftists say about women (like allowing abortions on demand, feminism, and lowering standards so ugly, fat, and unqualified women can gain access to society), then that is all that matters.   Rape is collateral damage to leftist women - however, should a man with conservative political leanings be guilty of rape, the leftist pig feminazis want to lop off his junk and then cook it and make him eat it.

Make no mistake here - there is a war on men - it is declared by the left in order to advance their political ideology and to make women perpetual victims of something other than their stupidity, their emotions, or a failed biology which truly limits them from being men.

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