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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I want to remind you of what the freshly minted King Pimple of a Man said in January 2009, “I won.... I will trump you on that.”

 I am not sure where your self-righteous indignation has come from.

You lost the Presidential election.

Deal with it.

I know the feeling of having lost an election or two.   We all don't get our way every time.   Sometimes Republicans run shitty candidates and the left has one that has charisma.    It is understandable that people would be drawn to someone who has virtually zero political experience and whose political career is measured in minutes served in office.

You all elected Barack Obama to two terms and he had months of experience as a United States Senator and whatever title he held in Illinois before that.    And before that he was a community organizer blackmailing and extorting banks to give people who could not afford loans loans they would never be able to pay off.   And before that he was a law professor advocating the most extreme interpretations of the Constitution you can find.    There was no way he was ever mainstream in anything.    He was a racist, attended a racist church for 20 years, and had his college paid for by a domestic terrorist who blew things up in the 1960's to 1970's period.   And while he was President, King Pimple went outside of the law and chose what parts to enforce and which ones to ignore even if the law did forbid him to do so.

And now you have the nerve to become snowflakes when a very successful businessman with a NORMAL interpretation of the Constitution wins over someone who has never told the truth?

You have some nerve.

I want to inform you that each and every extra-Constitutional activity that you allowed King Pimple of a Man to use to evade the legislature, is now available to President Donald J. Trump.    Every one of them.   You didn't say jack.   You didn't protest.   You didn't hold him accountable.   You sat there like a good snowflake and didn't demand jack.

So now you can watch King Pimple's "achievements" flushed down the shitter after Donald Trump takes a dump on them.   Each and every thing that King Pimple did with a stroke of a pen can be undone with a stroke of a pen.

I don't know how you assholes on the left think that an illegal alien who crosses our border is an immigrant.   That is not what they are.   They are law-breakers by virtue of their first step on our soil without permission.   Each second, each minute, each hour, each day, each week, and each year that they stay here is another count of illegality that is piled on.

It is illegal to hire an illegal alien.   That is the law.   There is an I-9 form that must be completed during the hiring process and specific documentation is required.   If you do not have one piece that is required, you cannot legally be hired.    So that means any business hiring an illegal alien should be prosecuted.   And to make things fair, if Trump's business hired illegals, his company should be fined and those who committed the illegal actions should be fired.

Without a job, how can an illegal alien support him or herself?    Think about that for a minute.

How is it that King Pimple of a Man can claim that Immigration Policy is ONLY A FEDERAL ISSUE and then have sheriffs and mayors of two bit cities and say that they are above federal law?

I have news for you - there will be no sanctuary for illegal aliens under the Trump Administration.    All illegals should feel like they are being hunted - they should feel so uncomfortable that they self deport.   For, if they don't, they will be force ably removed without any concern for their situation.   Stealing your way here is no grounds for respect.   There are legal immigrants who are going through the extensive process we have.   Illegal aliens are selfish pigs who are putting themselves ahead of law-abiding immigrants.    That will end.   Anchor babies et al will join their Dreamers on the fast track back to the hell you chose not to improve.   Your plight is not our problem.   If it is so bad, rise up and shed some blood.  Life sucks.   Get to hell out of our country!

We have a Constitution that says much.   It is not a living document that you can suddenly reinvent as you see fit.   If you don't like what that document says, amend it, bitches.   Get off your snowflake ass and grow a set and stop raping the document and putting out laws that force people to buy shitty healthcare insurance.    If you think that marriage is what you say it is, then find integrity and stop taking a religious institution and then to steal it as a civil one.   Stop combining Church and State.   Invent a domestic partnership for all civil unions with adult humans and then don't arbitrarily and with bigotry just say only two adults can be joined.   Stop being bigots.  Hold any number of adults who want to be a union and make them legal with civil unions.   And leave "marriage" to the Church people and keep it religious.    Have a separate and legal union that ALL adult bondings will be held to regardless if it between two or among three or more.  

Just because you can invent enough energy to claim things should be done on the Federal level does not mean that we can do it on the Federal level.   The Constitution clearly delineates ONLY the few areas the Feds have power and the rest go to the states.   That is how it is.    We should have 50 separate states who are petri dishes for policy experiments and if you want to kill the unborn, move to a state that allows bitches to kill what is inside of them.   If a state wishes to make killing an unborn child illegal, then oh focking well.   That is how it should be.   If a state wants to legalize pot, then they should be able to.   If a state wants to make it a requirement that its citizens live nude, then that is how it should be.    And if you are a gay business, you should not be forced to hire one straight person regardless of their resume.   And if you are a black business, you should not have to hire one honkey.   And so forth.    And if you have a house or car to sell, you can sell to whom you want and there should be nothing anyone you reject can do.

We are now $20 trillion in debt.   We must pay that off.   We cannot feed every lazy person nor support every broodmare who can't keep her legs together.  We cannot make everyone whole.   We cannot afford to take care of those who can take care of themselves.

We must streamline our taxes and eliminate all personal and business exemptions and deductions.   We must make it so everyone pays federal income taxes if they make a dime of money.   We must not punish those who work harder just because they work more.   We should make everyone equal.   And if you are a male and hump women and make babies, you should be forced to pay for those broods' upkeep and not the taxpayer.   You lay the seed.   You do the deed.   Then your life sucks.   You will be bound to take care of your offspring and you just forfeited freedom.

Federal elections should have ONE voting day.   No early voting ever.   Everyone gets to vote under the same circumstances and let the polls run from Midnight to 11:59pm on election day.    But no vote should be cast when a set of circumstances is not available to them.   You should be required to produce a state issued ID and if you don't, you had a chance to get that.   Ignorance of the law or proceed should not give you a provisional ballot.   Either you assume responsibility to ensure you are on the voting rolls or you don't get to vote.    We must ensure that we run our elections at standards equal to cashing a check.  Not less.   Not lower.   Never.

So as you mope and whine, you can pick your ass off the ground and seek to nominate qualified candidates with character.    You should never assume you've won.   And white people are still the majority so you can't ignore us ever again while pandering to black lives that matter.   You can no longer wage the war of the vaginas against men.    You have no right to free birth control no matter how you invent into a medicine.   Once you go there, you are still obligated to prevent pregnancy - either by stopping coitus until you can pay for the baby or dedicate to sucking cock which isn't even going to put pounds on you by swallowing.    You are adults.   You pay for your own shit.   Just because you are a woman does not give you chances to pick and choose what part of your biology to leverage for equality and then to exempt you from it.

Shove it, pigs.

I hope it hurts.   Use a spoon.  It will hurt even more.   And if you can't stand it, kill yourself.

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