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Sunday, November 27, 2016

It is the holiday season - no longer Merry Christmas and ho ho and Santy Clawz and some reindeers that aren't queer.

We've had commercials that were cute - the Santa that moved around in the snow on a Norelco shaver or Budweiser soft selling itself with a seasonal message.

But I've never seen such an offensive commercial for the "holidays" as this (below) Apple commercial that celebrates freaks and eschews working people and people who defend our country.   Instead of pandering to us all, Apple chose to celebrate weirdos - and used of all things, a monster - a horror creature - Frankenstein to rape and defile Christmas and the Holiday season.  

I am thinking Satan was too busy welcoming Fidel Castro and soon Bill Clinton to hell (have you seen how sickly he looks these days?) to be worried about guesting on an Apple commercial - so Apple had to decide whether to put Dracula, a Werewolf, or a dead body reanimated as the sob story material for their commercial.

I find this whole thing disgusting.    The first time I saw this I was thinking this was either an Apple, a Honduh, or a Samsung commercial.   These three companies have no business ethics, have ripped off their customers, have class action lawsuits pending for fraud, and have delivered products that kill customers.    And they have business practices that Satan would love.

So for the next two minutes you are supposed to feel all boo hoo for a monster made of dead people's parts and then the requisite female child (surprised she wasn't black or hispanic) and we are supposed to feel all sappy over this.    I feel no compassion for a re-animated corpse at Christmas.   I was wondering why this wasn't a Halloween commercial.    Then Apple could trot out its gimmick bar as how to re-animate a dead product with more dead ideas.

Apple could not have re-animated a dead us soldier to meet up with his folks one more time?     Apple couldn't have had a touchy feely commercial supporting the police who are being executed?

Interestingly this very clip below embedded from Apple's youtube channel will not allow comments to be left.   I wonder why!

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