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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Losing hurts, doesn't it?

Losing when you believed in the shit that was shoveled by your co-opted media that was all in on Hillary and lying to us all.

Losing when you could not even have grasped that your candidate, Kankles the Klown, could actually lose.

Well, it sucks being you.

Get over yourselves.

I remember the angst of the elections of 2008 and 2012 in which we first got our taste of King Pimple of a Man and his uplifted nose and sense of payback for America that was as white as milk.

I remember the feeling that the world is going to end because now we had a man whose career in public service had a total time spent serving shorter than a man climaxing after entering a stank cunt.

The pain is really bad.

I had to endure my pain - not as having been conned out of my mind by the media - but rather having fallen for the Lucy trick of pulling the football out from in front of Charlie Brown when he was going to kick a football.    I had actually believed that the rat bastard, traitor, John McCain, was going to defeat Barack Hussein Obama and I stood in the pouring rain on that cold November day as I was mobbed and surrounded by black people coming to show that 95% voting for a candidate based on race is not racist when blacks do it.

I remember that day after seeing the smug and uplifted nose of King Pimple as he gloated and took in the racist victory over a former POW now reduced to holding pencils and practicing how he can stab his fellow republicans in the back so that he could be praised by the left.   John McCain fought like a little school girl - failed to go after King Pimple on his racist rhetoric, his significant drug use, and his ties to domestic terrorists.    Once McCain gave up going on the offensive, all he could do was to allow King Pimple to mount him and pray that he used some lube.

I remember that angst and fear and shame - that in order to elect the first black candidate, America chose the worst one we could find.   It wasn't like we had a shortage of black men who could run - but there weren't any that were as "clean and as articulate" as the one that his Vice President would describe we found in Barack.

It does suck losing - but it sucks more when you believe the shit that was said in this campaign by the media who was nothing more than Hillary Clinton's PR department.    There was little truth being told by the media about Trump and certainly nothing that Kankles said was truthful since she could have burned her tongue if she'd said any truth.    The media invented stories and spread half truths about Trump while ignoring Hillary's warts - like the baseball sized wart she has on her clitoris that she earned from talking about how sorry she was for being so "stupid" to have a personal server when she'd just as easily signed up for a google account and saved all the money and trouble she undertook.

You folks on the left have earned this pain - and I do derive much glee from your pain.    You were so conned and so easily smitten by the shitten kitten Hillary.    You bought all of this hook, line, and sinker, and this is all on you, baby.    You allowed yourselves to be fooled and clowned with.

I do not say this lightly - but if the pain is too great to handle - end it now.    Put yourself out of your misery and save the rest of us the time spent listening to you melt like the snowflakes you are.    And if you are so weak that you can't shoot, cut, or poison yourself to the other side, then step out in front of a moving train or bus and let someone else do it for you.

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