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Monday, November 14, 2016

The Death Rattle of a Major Political Party

I suppose we should not be surprised that the party who has insulted and raped our Constitution and has applauded lawless behavior by a President from their own party would not accept the rule of law in the election of Donald Trump as President.

We've heard their Democrat shit so much that it is getting nauseating.

Motha Focka Democrats - we are NOT A DEMOCRACY.

I know you keep saying this (and only when it is to your advantage), but our Founding Fathers did not create a more perfect union in the form of a Democracy.

And perhaps you assholes should be the ones thanking Jesus that we don't have a Democracy.

Democracy is mob rule - minorities don't matter.   In a perfect Democracy, Black Lives Wouldn't Mean Shit to anyone here.    Illegal aliens wouldn't matter jack shit.    And mooslims would be fleeing this nation to go to live with Ice Piss.

And just think for a minute you lame ass Democrat whining voters - if we were a Democracy do you seriously think you could have hijacked the term "marriage" into one that is only applied to two people regardless of gender?   Your actions there fly in the face of Democracy and you know it.   You defiled Democracy to get this because if the majority of people did not want gay people to redefine the term, you would never have had the chance.

There is a reason we don't have mob rule.

First, a plurality of people thinking one way is not a good thing - it will always punish minority thought.    As long as one extra person believes in one way, the majority would always rule.   And black people would still be saying "massa" to Democrat slave owners.

Second, we have a representative government - we vote on people to represent us.   They make decisions for us.   We have no say on any policy in the voting stage.   We can whine and moan, and maybe the Congress will listen to us, but really, they can and do what they want.

Third, the electoral college is the same operating principle - we don't need a misinformed majority making decisions for our President.   We default to our states (which are more important than the Federal Government according to our Founding Fathers).    We have those state elections and the candidates must win a plurality of the electors that are rewarded for winning a state.   That is a great thing so that those who have been told lies by our media don't get to overwhelm us by a lawless state like California that makes dog shit into a legal voter.

I have news for Democrats - you are not guaranteed to win.    If you lose, you should accept your loss and move on and improve your message.    Just because you are a lawless, constitution-raping party that seeks to bribe voters with free stuff and to continue to enslave black people on your plantation, that does not give you the right to demand we implement aspects of Democracies.

I know it hurts to lose - I felt like the world ended when the jerk Obama was elected and I was spot on right about what a fraud and disaster he was as a President.    Having to choose between incompetence or intentional destruction of the country is not a choice I want to make about a President's intentions.

Yes, your precious Obama's lawless actions will be undone.   He acted outside of the law and much of his shit can be reversed with a stroke of a pen.

So shove it, Democrats.

If you are so spineless as to not accept Donald Trump as your President, you can always cut your wrists. 

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