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Sunday, November 6, 2016

This is not a campaign commentary on the virtues of Donald Trump.

Nor is it necessarily an open letter to drown the witch, Hillary Clinton, in her own urine of lies, deceit, dishonesty, unethical conduct, and lawlessness.

But this is a narrative on making America great again and a big middle finger raised to the rest of the world.

I don't pretend to give a flying monkey's ass what happens in Germany, France, Japan, or Australia.    You have your own issues and your own fucked nations.     I don't care what you do since this is your own bed you've pee'd in and you must sleep in it.

And I raise my two middle fingers to you - you don't get a say in what we do in America.    This is not your rodeo.   You don't get to enter a horse.    Buck you.

America is a shit hole right now. 

We've had eight years of lawlessness - we've had a King who will not negotiate, who throws tantrums, and expects that since he won his two elections that those are the only two that matter.

Well, King Pimple of a Man is going to get a rebuke so profound that he's liable to ensure that his successor will not assume power.

My vision for America is to simply do what is best for our country.

Our immigration policies should ONLY be based on what is good for us.   We should not give a flea bite about the individual stories of illegal aliens or that sending their asses back to where they came from will impact them.   These people have no fundamental right to be here - and as such, with our laws, these assholes can no longer reside here and must by rule of law be sent fleeing for their lives under their own power or by virtue of airlift and sent parachuting back to their two bit cesspools of bad government.

This is not a policy based out of a lack of compassion.

This is a policy predicated on we need to get our own shit hole in order and we can't become the toilet for other shit hole countries.     We have over 300 million Americans who are legally here and are citizens by law.    These people are the ones we should be concerned with.    We need to get our lazy off our government dole and into jobs where they pay taxes to fund our government.   We can no longer allow unmitigated reproduction on the taxpayer dime.   We need to get our lazy, our spoiled, and our dysfunctional off the government paycheck and they must learn what it is to work hard for a paycheck - and if you don't like the minimum wage, oh, fucking well.    You can work harder to make something of yourself, but the minimum wage was never intended as a way out of poverty.   It was a basis from where you could start and to prove yourself and then you move up the ladder through hard work.   What has happened is that Democrat policies which have made doing business so difficult that we have clusterfucked our poor by eliminating jobs entirely or shifted full-time jobs into part time ones.

What America needs now is a check on Federal Power just as we checked monopolies in the late 1890's and early 20th century.

We simply have too much government telling us what we can and cannot do and it is killing our competitive advantage.

Right now we are at the tipping point where 50% of our population gets a free ride simply because they are - oh, boo hoo - poor.    Well, we need to return the stigma and pain of being poor back to the poor so that they can feel the pang of hunger and that pang is an amazing force in motivating the poor to pick their sorry asses off the ground.

We should immediately cancel every Federal program on poverty and aid to the poor.   No more WIC - no more welfare from the Federal Government.    No more disability.   Not a dime should come from the federal government.

We should take half of the money spent on all human welfare programs on the Federal level and send the dollars to the states based on a mix of 1/50th of the money and an adjustment for population.    The other half of the money disappears and is never spent and will lower our federal budget.    Since almost every penny of this money is now deficit spending, we'll immediately lower our annual deficits.   It won't cut our debt, but we won't add anymore money to the debt.

The states are the best service agents for the people.    The population of the states gets to determine the level of acceptable poverty and they can act there.   If West Virginia wants to pay the poor $250 per year to live on, oh, fucking well.   Move.

In one tough love move, we have just taken control of our largest federal expenditure.    Social welfare programs.

The next move is to abolish the Federal Education institutions and to send half dollars back to the states and the remainder we don't spend reduces deficits and then goes to pay down the debt.

We should absolutely go to abolish every tax deduction and credit on the books.     Business and personal exemptions and credits are shitholed.     You make your bed.  We don't need to incentivize you into reproducing and then having to take care of your brood's childcare or college education.   

We should tax every person who has any income from direct wages or benefits.    Up to the first $25k of income, you are obligated to pay 5% of your income to the Federal Government.   You don't get to use the excuse of poverty.   You live here.    You are defended from foreign powers and you get to drive on our interstates.    You owe us, bitches.     Once you make over $25k and up to $100k, your next $75k per individual is taxed at 15%.   And if you make over $100k, every penny more is taxed at 25% and that includes all capital gains, estate gains, etc.   

Not one dime of income shall not be taxed.   Not one benefit - including social security - shall escape taxation.    Your income tax form will be at most 2 pages and you have no deductions - not even a personal one - you pay on everything you make or receive.

Social security taxes will be doubled on everyone - then there will also be no ceiling on income.   You pay social security taxes on every dime you make - direct or indirect.

And no - you don't get a deduction for your mortgage interest.    You made that choice - you pay.   You don't get to deduct your green car or technology.   You chose that and now you pay for it.

We've now removed the largest line items off our Federal Books and we've now thrown out our horrific tax structure that allows 50% to not pay a dime.   We've now streamlined personal taxes and some business taxes.

Now let's go after corporations.

I propose a flat 5% corporate tax for any business who is headquartered here and does 100% of its manufacturing here.   If a company like Apple, GM, Ford, etc choose to build products overseas, then their tax rate is commensurate with their offshore production percentage.    If you build half or more overseas, you pay the highest tax rate possible here - 25% on all earnings regardless of where you earn them.    If you have only 25% offshore production, you split the middle and pay 15% on every dime earned.

I will also propose that no business be required to ever offer any benefits to workers.    Businesses are encouraged, but employment does not obligate you to making life easier for your workers.   Prudent businesses will and employees are free to seek employment at great employers, but if you don't, you shouldn't be rewarded by extorting your employer to giving you jack.   And it will be illegal for unions to extort benefits of any kind from any business.

We shall also immediately freeze all regulations on the books to retroactive 1990.    All regulations on businesses shall be abolished if passed after this point.     All fuel efficiency standards shall be abolished and all environmental regulations shall be rolled back to those on the books in 1990.

What will go into effect is that businesses shall be free to operate at any standard more stringent than those 1990 standards and will be allowed to advertise that they comply with the most rigid standards with year of passage indicated.    If a business commits fraud and claims they operate at one standard and are found to not comply (like VW), then the company shall be fined $1 billion and are only allowed one violation per decade or their company shall be sold at auction to the highest bidder.

No company shall be bailed out using taxpayer dollars.

No student loans shall be guaranteed by the Federal taxpayers and there will be no intervention on student load debt - if you take out the loan, you are obligated to it and your sob stories don't matter.

America will act immediately to increase all military enlisted earnings by 25% and the VA shall be abolished with all healthcare being undertaken at civilian hospitals with care being totally supported by taxpayers.    All service personnel will be given priority placement and relocation at taxpayer expense for the best practice care possible.

Obamascare is hereby abolished and your pre-existing condition is your obligation, not anyone else's.

Everyone shall be able to seek insurance across state lines and shall be able to buy only the insurance care they can afford and need.   At no time shall any man be obligated to cover any female healthcare and there shall be no free contraceptives offered by the Federal taxpayers.   If a woman is totally in control of her body, it is unethical to therefore demand someone else to pay for it.

All marriages shall be abolished and must be replaced by "domestic partnerships".  Marriage is a religious institution and is to be returned to the churches in a separation of Church and State.    Only domestic partnerships shall be legally recognized and enforced.   Marriage shall only be a ceremony conducted by a religious institution and has the force of faith, not law.     And it will not be the policy of the Federal government to restrict domestic partnerships to only two people.    That is bigoted and any number of adults may enter into legal domestic partnerships and bear the burden of such law.

All gender and racial quotas and policies shall be abolished.     This applies to any college or university program and all sports gender programs shall be abolished and let the free market determine if sports with vaginas can sustain themselves.

All federal gas taxes shall be doubled and used to improve our interstates and interstate bridges and no Federal tax dollars shall ever be used to improve any road that does starts and finishes with in a state or has its own unique route number.

The US Postal Service shall be abolished and made entirely private and its rates are determined by market forces.

Amtrak is abolished and made entirely private.

The FAA will have a 25% increase in funding and all airports in the top 100 traffic list shall have all technology upgraded to the most modern and employees shall all receive 10% pay increases.

It shall be made a federal crime to kill a police officer or fire fighter and a mandatory death sentence.

The term "first responder" is abolished and the specific mention of whom you are discussing will be required.   It is the intent that we recognize the individual job titles instead of lumping everyone in as "first responder".

All public parks will require admission fees and those will be used to cover any increases in costs as all budgets for these are frozen.

The use of baseline budgeting in Federal Budgets are hereby abolished and we will go back to 1990 levels and increase budgets only by inflation from this point forward.   Any agencies created after 1990 shall only have their budgets increased by inflation.     And any monies added by the bailout program in 2008-2009 shall be removed from budgets in all agencies and inflation shall be used to increase budgets.

It will be unlawful for any illegal alien to own or to rent property; it will also be unlawful to have sanctuary cities and any federal dollars will be permanently revoked forever should it be found that illegal aliens are given aid or comfort.

All fuel economy standards imposed on cars and trucks shall be abolished; let the free market dictate what sells and what is made.

Any country where we have a military base must pay a minimum of half of the cost of the operation of that facility.

The UN fees that we will pay are frozen for the next 25 years.

At no time will our Supreme Court be allowed to use any legal precedent in decisions that is not based on US court cases; foreign decisions are irrelevant and now unlawful to consider.

It shall be unlawful for any US media to contribute to political parties or to individual candidates without obvious disclosures on any telecast or news article - on EVERY such telecast and article - printed, internet, video, twit, or any place.    Any poll declared on a newscast shall also be required to post their contributions to campaigns or candidates.   There is no law on regulating what is said, however, if the information is posted without declaration of party affiliation and campaign contributions as mentioned above, the individual(s) shall be jailed for no less than 10 years and permanently banned from being in the media again.    The intention here is to make it so obvious of the political bend of the authors that we know their true sellout to the party or person they have and that there are no hidden agendas.

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