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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Exclusive UV News Service Report

Dateline:  Trump Tower

With Donald Trump fast filling seats in his cabinet before his inauguration in January, it is clear that he could have a cabinet filled with highly successful men and women and who are worth billions in aggregate incomes.

Of course the left is upset that the cabinet does not share the vision of the Democrat party of America being a bed-wetting, nasty nation that seeks to enslave blacks and to prevent gender speculators from being the woman that they always wanted to be.

Barbara Boxer, a bitter old hag who last tasted peen in 1980, said, "Donald Trump is giving Americans the false notion that there are successful people in the country who aren't there because of the Federal Government.    There are so many people in his cabinet who made fortunes through hard work and business that the average American might get the wrong idea that they can solve their own problems without the Federal Government."

Charles Rangel, a black man who still apparently has no skills of any note that would make him employable in the private sector offered, "How dare Donald Trump promote successful people who have done something with their lives.   Trump is going to make the lazy and unsuccessful people complexes about being inferior.   We've spent the last eight years trying to ruin successful people and to make them share the misery of the lazy and poor.    This just is not right."

There is also concern that there are too many mean former military men in areas where we might give the rest of the world the wrong impression that America wants to be strong again and that these men might actually want to kick ass and break things instead of bowing to foreign dictators and kissing their ass like we've done for the last eight years.

According to re-elected Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, former disgraced Democrat National Party chaircunt and human hybrid Cockerspaniel cross breed, "America is just not going to be recognizable in the Trump years.    We are going to be mean again - we won't be like the world's toilet where the shit others flush on us will be contained here.    We might have a military that will protect the citizens instead of welcoming in the wonderful armies of other countries so that we can become as miserable as those other nations.    Our foreign policy is actually going to recognize that you are less likely to be assaulted by a Jewish person for any reason than by a dozen mooslims that you could assemble from anywhere around the world.    I don't know where Trump gets the audacity to show love to Israel when we all know they are just mean people who allow Arabs to vote in their nation."

According to government statistics, the outgoing Administration's cabinet members made an average of $5.95 per hour in jobs they left to take office in the King Pimple of a Man regime.    Their government jobs were a windfall for them as they earned pay raises of over 1,000%.    Donald Trump has the audacity of taking successful and rich people and installing them in office and these fools will take a pay cut in the area of 500% by working in Trump's cabinet.

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