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Thursday, December 29, 2016

I get it.

Some of you are smitten with celebrities.

You give them power of being all that and a box of Magnum condoms.

I don't.

I hated everything about "Star Wars".    I managed to endure the first three that were made and could not wait for any of them to end.   They were awful movies.   They made no sense.   They were all about the gimmick of special effects and the story was secondary.    After that odd duck JarJar (or whatever he is called), I gave up.

So it goes without saying that Carrie Fisher's death means precious little to me.    I won't hold it against her that she was a druggie or used men like disposal razor blades.    My only happenstance with her was through "Star Wars".   And she was dreadful.   Game over.

As for her Mother, I am not tinged with gay love for the "Song of Music".   I hate musicals with a passion.   I have a recessive straight gene that impairs my ability to endure useless showtunes and broadway musicals or those transferred to film.   I cringe.   I cry.   And with that, if Debbie Reynolds is to be the too cute by half poster cunt of the musicals, then I want no part of me.   Her death has no meaning to her.   And because she allowed Carrie to escape the womb, I have a double "I don't give a flying fuck" for her.

Now when it comes to George Michael, I have a special contempt for this jerk.   I never liked his music and hated everything about him - and while I can excuse Carrie for her personal failures, George wanted to be loved because he was gay - and he shit on our community with his unprofessional and disgusting personal life.   He tried to mask the stench of his personal failures by donating this and that, but make no mistake, George was all about him and he had no desire to be anything more than a singer at all costs. 

I feel not one ounce of sadness with his passing - even as Prince had his personal turds, I loved his music and he was a perfectionist of the first order.    I understood Prince wanting control of his world and of his music.   If I were half as good at what I do as Prince, I'd have been thankful.    Prince touched me.  I don't know why.   Even David Bowie's passing touched me.

But George Michael did nothing to me or for me.   I found him to be everything that was wrong with the 80's and he was never cute.

So with this I throw a boulder on the graves of these people who I don't care about.   I won't be two-faced and fake it saying I was touched.   When they were consuming oxygen, I didn't give a shit about them.   And now that they are decomposing cell by cell, I'll afford them the same level of concern.

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