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Thursday, December 1, 2016

It cannot be a great time being King Pimple of a Man and a Democrat.

You've just been shown up by a reality television star on all levels.

First, despite the lies by the very same media that was promoting Hillary Clinton and that had supported her with free coverage, campaign contributions, and lies about Donald Trump, Donald Trump is ahead of King Pimple of a Man in assembling a cabinet.   

According to White House spokesperson, Shit-for-Brains, however, you'd swear King Pimple had rolled out a complete line of Ikea products to get his cabinet ready on the day after election, "President Obama acted with all due haste to assemble the screws, glue, and particle board pieces to get his cabinet installed on Day One.     We are not even sure that Donald Trump can spell "cabinet".

And while King Pimple of a Man was lecturing America back in 2008 that he could multi-task and apparently George W. couldn't breathe and live at the same time, Donald Trump managed to hold interviews with his cabinet nominees and also found time to rescue 1,000 jobs during the same days and weeks.

Asked about the significance of the Carrier announcement, King Pimple of a Man's spokesperson, Shit-for-Brains, noted that "President Obama spoke numerous times with people in the air-conditioning industry while he was flying from fundraisers for the Democrat party and had even taken a phone call while playing his 220th round of golf as President from someone who had warned the President to put on a jacket because there was a chill in the air.     President Obama spent over $800 billion in his first months in office and saved 867 jobs and had redefined down what constituted unemployment so that he could take the real rate down from 11% to 5.0% with a stroke of a pen.   We seriously doubt that Donald Trump would be smart enough to be so efficient with his time to produce results of so much significance with so little effort.    I'm sure that the President visited a carrier somewhere and delivered wonderful words of encouragement - and words of encouragement are all that matter."

Donald Trump is not even elected President and has already produced more saved jobs in his first three weeks as the President elect than King Pimple of a man produced in his first four years as President that were not government jobs.     It should also be noted that Donald Trump did not spend one dime of United States taxpayer money to save those 1,000 Carrier jobs.

Donald Trump was asked about whether he had extorted Carrier into submission and he noted that he could not fire them, but he would bull doze the rest of their operations and dump the remains onto their Mexican production facility at no charge.    And just for fun, the U.S. military would be allowed to use any other Carrier facility as target practice for the new generation cruise missiles that have been named "Allahfuckbars".

In Other News

Democrats have retained the twig with tits, Nancy Pelosi, as their leader in the House.   She'll oversee what is left of the Democrat party there that once ruled the roost and forced Obamascare on the rest of America without a single Republican vote.

A few days ago Barack Obama's father, Fidel Castro, passed away and there is no word if anyone from the Obama family will attend his funeral.    Rumors suggest that Moochelle's Mother, the Grand Mooch, who has been living at the White House for the past eight years at taxpayer expense, might be flown over to send her regards to her late husband.

King Pimple of a Man was recently overhead celebrating his success against Ice Piss as there are no large scale attacks but rather there are Lone Wolves doing his bidding by putting terror into the hearts of white people.

Have you noticed the silence of the idiots as their protests against Donald Trump have all but disappeared after there was no more money coming from George Soros to buy combustible materials and lighters to start the fires?     Apparently the rent-a-mobs were also only being paid minimum wage and they were told they'd get $15 per hour to burn down their cities.

Stocks have gone through the roof since the election of Donald Trump and that was without the use of the Treasury printing extra dollars to buy up debt that the Chinese had offloaded.    Apparently Donald Trump has found the real American economy and given it balls to tell the leftists to go fuck themselves.

Fresh off the success of "Mench on a Bench", Mooslims have created a new line of holidayware that is "IED to You" - a device that you install under your own vehicle and that you set off so that you can show your love for Mooslims as you depart the earth so that they can buy your home and move in.

There is a flood of last minute illegal aliens who are desperately pushing Northward to avoid having a wall built to keep them out once Donald Trump is inaugurated.    Many from the south who are here without authorization don't think that Trump is serious about deporting them and these fools are just like the US media and the Democrat party who didn't think rural America could drop the White House on the wicked witch, Hillary Clinton.   Apparently the illegal aliens have not met with American bubbas who own 20 firearms and enough ammunition to overthrow King Pimple of a Man's legacy by going out for a good hunt.

England recently unveiled a new "fiver" plastic bill just like the Canadians have done for years.    The new "fiver" was so happily accepted that everyone was thrilled until Vegans learned that the device contained tallow to make the bills easier to dispense.    Now Vegans are up in arms and are trying desperately for the English to go back to using rocks as currency.

Did you know that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote against Donald Trump?    And her supporters want us to replace Trump with her because they say we are a Democracy.    Yet, somehow the will of the people doesn't matter when it comes to gay marriage, giving illegal aliens sanctuary, and that the majority rule would be all white.

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