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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Ever since Barack Hussein Obama concocted the son of a poor non-Kenyan sharecropper story that he used to evade responsibility for attending a black supremacist church in Chicago for over 20 years (in his version of he didn't inhale the words), King Pimple has fancied himself as the champion of all things black and racist toward white men.

He's even suggested that he cares about the poor even as he allows a mass invasion of wage-lowering disease carrying rapist, child molesters, and drunk drivers, it is rather odd that when the King throws a party, he seems to never invite those whom he exploits for his political power - the poor.

Oddly, the only people who seem to get to go to the 995th party thrown at taxpayer expense are the donors who have thrown millions of dollars at him and his cunt wife, Moochie Belle.   You won't find anyone who has less than a six digit annual income at a party thrown by Moochie Belle and her stiff husband, King Pimple of a Man. 

The poor are props.

The rich get to eat with the King and Queen.    Hollywood invaded Washington and suddenly California had the net worth of the Bronx.

The poor don't even get to eat cake.

We also have to remember that during the eight years of the reign of terror on the Constitution that is the Obama years, that the taxpayers have also supported and paid for the upkeep and kennel fees of Moochie Belle's mother - a woman who hangs around like she's got a basement apartment where she eats the finest and doesn't ever have to worry about being booted onto the streets with the rest of women who don't have any other visibile means of support.

And so it ends, the Obama years - poor people used as props - blacks being used for political gain while they experience record poverty and unemployment, and Moochie Belle wearing all the costume jewelry she can wrap around her neck to hide her Adam's Apple.

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