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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Betty White made it through 2016 as the corpses of other famous Americans piled up with great rapidity.

There was even a gofundme page for her to collect money to try to have her outlast 2016 and to make it into a year without the death of Prince, George Michael, or the Mother Daughter Duo of Debbie Reynolds and whatever her daughter's name was.

The concern for Betty's life has now disappeared and a new death watch female has replaced her.

United States Supreme Court seat warmer, Ruth Buzzi Ginsberg, is an 83 year old corpse in waiting that could soon be replaced by the evil Donald J. Trump, President and Twit Addict.

Democrats are not very forward thinking people despite the spin that they use for that term.    These clowns didn't seriously think that Donald J. Trump could double date with Democrats and Fundamentalist Christians, but he managed to do what Hillary Clinton could not do - listen.

And now that there is the reality that Trump is not going away soon (though Democrats are thinking happy thoughts of heart attacks, lone wolf psychos that have a family member's gun at arms length) and that he has the audacity of deploying nuclear options to get his way.

You can't fault the Democrats for being in an utter panic - Republicans aren't supposed to have testicles and use them to bash any leftist swine that gets in his way - but Donald is a different breed of cat - he's all Tom Cat and he doesn't give a jack what you think.

According to new Democrat spokesperson, Geza Belle Transgenda, "We are holding candlelight vigils and checking with Ruth Buzzi to make sure she's eating her greens and that she has enough to eat.   We are watching her drop weight like Trump is dropping Executive Directives and we can't have this happen.    Something must be done to ensure that she lasts four years!"

Standing next to Geza Belle is a real lesbian woman, Chokedis Chikun Beatch, who took it a step further, "Women's reproductive rights are under fire.   Trump is gonna make sure we won't be able to change our minds after partying hearty and that we might have allowed a peen inside us instead of Wanda Wackin Stick (personal vibrator that dispenses fish odorants).    We need to be able to kill our unborn even if there is no good reason, and you know Trump hates ugly women and he's out to get us.    We must keep our sister Ginsberg alive even if it means creating our own weekend at Bernadette's."

Over at the U.S. Senate the situation is even more dire as Al Franken has taken time out from insulting Trump to personally deliver lunch and dinner to Ruth Buzzi and he even tries to tell her jokes.   He'd do more than try, but he is incapable of that.    So he just tries.

Barbara Boxer, a sterile bitch related to Hillary Clinton in some world, went even so far as to seek to have Walt Disney to create an life like robot to take Ruth's place in case Ruth's heart seizes and drops her dead.   With technology being as advanced as it is, it is almost possible to make Ruth's muffin as yeast free as Betty White's while also having Ruth being able to say "I hate men!  I hate boys!   I want some good muff!    Women's reproductive rights are being taken away from them by holding them responsible for making good personal decisions!     I want some fish, damn it!"

This is a developing story that has to have Barack Hussein Obama in it so we are waiting for him to get back with us after he finishes playing golf, getting his March Madness Brackets ready, and after consuming 20 cartons of ciggies that he doesn't think moochelle will know about.

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