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Sunday, February 5, 2017

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The NFL makes it impossible to use the correct term for their shit bowl, so they get what they deserve by showing the league all the contempt I can.

What a disgusting racist action that was committed 15 minutes prior to kickoff - pointing out black college Hall of Flame players - this is really racist since those colleges are racist themselves and the NFL cherry picked these victims for their exploitation - instead of noting the inclusive Hall of Fame, they picked the sisterhood race of perpetual victimhood.    This is another disgusting pandering since the league has pandered to boob cancer for years.

I am so over black people.   Either you are Americans or you are dead to me.

Luke Bryan nails the National Anthem.   Guess the NFL has to pander to redneck white people now.

Communist Pope Francis calls the Pooper Bowl "a sign of peace, of friendship, and of solidarity."    I guess being violent and racist by hiring a disproportionate number of blacks is what it also means.

President Bush and the Bush womb were welcomed to the coin toss.    Imagine all those white people applauding Bush because he's white.

What a refreshing Super Bowl - totally King Pimple of a Man free - he and his bitch cunt wife are off somewhere fuming that this is not about them.

Sir Orange Hair is the next Afro had his time much earlier than King Pimple used to be granted.

Ford commerical - bravo - give me a new GT and I'll run over every leftist after they are smashed by a new F-150.

Atlanta won the toss and defers - the New England Cheaters will have to trot out their cheater Tomasina Brady to get smashed.

Brady is a wuss of the first degree - he hates getting hit.

The NFL needs to make it illegal for men who wear snake hair that covers their name and number and to ban them from playing.

Cheaters have to punt.   They failed to get a first down.

Once again, I'll say that the New England defense is half as good as they are said to be - Atlanta's is much better than claimed.

Game being called by the dog turd Troy Barkman and someone of no significance.

Atlanta's first play goes for 37 yards.   FIRST DOWN!

Atlanta stopped and now the New England Cheaters have the ball at their own ten yard line.

Fuck Mexican Avocados.

Atlanta not getting any pressure on the Cheater - they must hit him and do it often.

Tomasina Brady is sacked.    Praise the Lord.

Mother Fucker Brady sacked again - LOVED IT!

Stupid Shittles commercial.

Falcons stopped again - now the Cheaters have their third time with the ball.

Buschhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh beer - how to burn millions on a commercial and it is all gas.

Stupid GoDaddy commercial - officially the worst company to do business with if you have a problem.

Super Bowl history was made - New England Cheaters were held without a touchdown in the first quarter for the first time in the cheater era.

Life WTR.  Clear piss with a better taste.

Cheaters fumble the ball - blow their third possession.

The worst commercial of the game is the one featuring the two time honor's code violator Cam Cheating - crybaby of the Carolina Paper Tigers NFL team - this jerk evaded being kicked out of school for turning in two term papers he did not write and evaded the police when he had possession of a stolen laptop; this jerk is in a commercial with children for Buick!  Outrageous exploitation of children by a dishonest and tantrum throwing asshole!

Atlanta is driving - and the cheaters are gasping for air as they are getting their asses kicked.

Commercial with Justine Bieber wearing glasses while wearing a Tux.   He looked hot.

Touchdown Atlanta - fuck all you New England Cheater fans and the shitwagon you arrived to the game.    New England Cheater defense was destroyed on that drive - it was like watching a bully steal a little child's lunch money.

Mother Fucker Cheaters can't convert and now have to give up the ball to Atlanta's offense which has been buggering the Cheaters without lube.

Stay tuned for the Pepsi No Sugar Half Time show featuring the no talent Lady Gag Gag.

The Falcons are killing the worthless and overrated New England Cheater defense - TOUCHDOWN - Atlanta is raping the Cheaters.   Atlanta 14, Mother Fucker Cheaters from Bean Town have shit.

Waaaaaaaaaaaa - Atlanta is playing defense!   The look on Tomasina Brady's face is delicious - he is indignant that Atlanta dares to play defense against him.

Tomasina Brady gave the ball away - pick six - Atlanta is killing the Cheaters - I absolutely love this!

Atlanta 21, the Cheaters got shit.

Cheaters just erased the shit on the board and put up a pathetic 3 points to now trail by 18 points.

And now it is time for the worthless Lady Gag Gag half time show - zero talent to go with zero sugar with the sponsor Pepsi.   All show - after jumping off the roof the show was off-tune - horrible sound - gimmick and no talent - its like an off tune circus - slutty and disgusting - definitely not in the same talent and singing ability of Bruno Mars who had a great half time show with no gimmicks - no one has done more with less talent than Lady Gag Gag - I'm not sure where her schooling enters here - looks like wasted money - we can end the debate about this witch - she's a great showman - she's an absolute disaster as a singer - she's gasping for air - wtf?   Sounds like she ripped off someone else's work in her conversion to shorts and glitter shoulder pads - I've heard that before and that is not hers!   That's all?    It was a disaster of audio proportions.    It was like a noisy theatre production.

I'm over the Subaru commercials featuring dogs.   But if Subaru didn't use dogs their only other customers are 500 pound Lesbians.   Maybe I see why they use dogs in their commercials.  Pitchy and bitchy.

Cheaters stop the Falcons on the first Atlanta series of the second half.

Audi pandering to feminazis with the fake news of unequal pay for equal work - absolutely disgusting political posturing - based on fakery.

Cheaters get shit on their position - just not a very good team tonight - and I love their choking!

Atlanta is back to cutting that shitty Cheater defense to pieces!

Have the cheaters given up?    What a repugnant amount of effort this defense is showing.

FUCK YOU!    Atlanta TOUCHDOWN!    Cheaters are getting their asses whooped tonight - so delicious!   This is as delicious as Alabama losing the NCAA Championship.

Atlanta 28, Cheating bitches from beantown - three.

If you think I'm not being Southern, let it be known that I am wearing long white gloves wearing a sun bonnet and beautiful yellow gingham dress while sipping a mint julip while watching the game on the front porch.    Them Yankees need to pay for marching through the south like they owned it.   Tonight we own their asses!

Cheaters get a touchdown and show their pathetic nasty yankee cheating selves as they miss the extra point.

Atlanta 28 and the Bean Town Boogers 9.

Tomasina Brady just planted as he was driving his cheating team downfield.   And with third and goal looming, that asshole Brady was planted again!   LOVED IT!    Cheaters had to go for a field goal.

Cheaters still behind by 16.

Atlanta had the ball and lost a fumble on a sack.    Then the jerk Brady was planted for the fifth time.

Cheaters just scored a touchdown - will go for two points - and make it an 8 point game.

Cheaters just gave up a 39 yard pass to take pressure off Atlanta.   Another big play as sideline triple toe tap for a first down!   Muddled play, a sack, a penalty, and then a missed penalty against the Cheaters - punt time - giving Tomasina Brady another chance.

The Bitch Brady just got pounded - he's wounded.     Two incompletions and a desperation third down coming up!   Cheaters get a 16 yard pass to get a field goal with 3 minutes left.

A commercial makes me want to never buy Sprite again as LeBrick James of the Cleveland Upchucks is featured - he is a revolting human being and I'd never buy jack he sells.

Cheaters are driving - lucky catch has them primed to score - but they are down by 8 - gonna take a lot of cheating to tie this game.

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeite - cheaters score TD - now 2 point conversion..... tie game.    Making hay out of penalties being called.

Super Bowl history - we are going to overtime for the first time.

 Cheaters driving - previous play was obvious missed offensive holding - then defensive pass interference.


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