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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

You just knew that if Beyonce didn't win best record for her so-called album called "squeezed lemons", that the reason would be that she was a shade of black too dark and that the Grammy's were just another organization run by old white men who value the piggery of Adelle over someone with actual skin pigment.

Beyonce has never been about music - she is always about rolling on the ground like a cat in heat using her abundant breasts and robust pelvis to do what her voice can't do - become somebody.

Apparently the Grammy's have no problem with fat white women who milk songs on an album for years in order to get an award.    But Adelle doesn't roll around on the ground (likely because it would take a crane to pick her up).    Adelle is a special kind of white - the English kind - as opposed to the dead common southern kind of white that sings about trailer parks, old boyfriends, and cleaning dirty underwear.

Beyonce has crafted her image of sluttiness like few have - she exploited her pregger status on the awards show in a disgusting and shocking way with her baby belly prominently displayed in ways that a woman of character would never resort to.

But this is Beyonce.    And she has no character.

If the song she sang while uplifting her baby sack in a chair (that unfortunately didn't fall over) was any indication of her output from squeezing lemons, then she shouldn't have even got an invitation.

Cats shrieking is not music.

And neither is a dog hit by a car.

I have no use for Miss Piggy Adelle - I loathe her kind of business where she does as little as possible to craft a song and then milks it for years.     And then every fourth year or so, she puts out another album with two songs that get milked for the next four years.    She's the most disgusting kind of artist who has precious little actual talent and exploits it all with songs that have five catchy words strung together.

Meanwhile the real talented artists all happen to be gay and male and never get a Grammy award.

So stuff the black outrage.

Go after the Grammy's because they are anti-gay.

And no, Sam Smith is not an artist.   He can't sing.   And his gayness is almost laughable.     He's an insult to the gay music industry where we have Troye Sivan, Years and Years, Sam Tsui, Brandon Stansell, and Matt Alber who actually produce quality material without whoring themselves out.

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