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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Thunderview News -

What has become of America?

A political party that viciously protected a standing President for abusing women who actually showed their faces and made their charges is now standing behind a letter that had no face to show until recently.

I want to remind you that what Bill Clinton did in the White House with an intern IS SEXUAL HARASSMENT.    It does not matter that the phat cow in the blue dress went along with the exploits of the Philanderer in Chief – he committed STATUTORY SEXUAL HARASSMENT – (1) he had power over the underling (2) he created a third party hostile work environment where anyone might construe that in order to work under him would REQUIRE satisfying him on the most primal of urges.   

Democrats have long used the weapon of mysterious and 11th hour tactics against male Supreme Court nominees.

All we have to do is to go back to 1991 and to see the mysterious case of the pubic hair on a Coke can lodged against a black male Supreme Court nominee, Clarence Thomas.   Anita Hill was a well-groomed, educated black female who came forward with charges that she alone was the recipient of Clarence’s Sexual Coke love.   Not one other woman could be found that shared an experience where Clarence had assaulted them with a heavily sugared, caffeinated beverage.    But the instance of a mysterious charge was supposed to damage Clarence beyond repair.   

Well, pathetic Democrats being the blithering idiots that they are, picked a fight with the wrong man and he fought back.    He’s been on the Supreme Court since then and the Democrats failed.

Now we have a charge made by some former teenage cunt that asserts that the next male Supreme Court nominee had forced himself on her when she was 15 and he was 17 and there was another male present.    The cunt in question is now a Democrat operative who contributes to the political party, defends them as a professor, and voted for Bernie.    She’s not some woman from Grover’s Corner who was ashamed of being without parental supervision at a party with teenage boys and who told them when she got home in 1983 that she’d been assaulted.    No, this Democrat cunt kept this all to herself so she deprived any suspect of due process rights by later coming to Jesus and picking this time in this nominee’s life to come forward with 35 year old charges.

It should be noted that juveniles are usually protected from having their stupid phase of life being held against them when their actions trigger the judicial process; this cunt never bothered to take steps to initiate due process – maybe she was embarrassed that she was sexually curious and that she was mingling with boys who wanted to part her legs for a good time romp.     Who the fuck cares now what her reasons were?    She simply did nothing.    I don’t buy this shit that women feel ashamed about exploitation and that they should get a life time pass on acting within a reasonable time frame to punish the attacker and to afford him due process rights.
At the same time, this case now gives Republicans the precedent to start demanding that any Democrat nominee to offer a timeline and affidavit that they did not commit criminal acts (adjudicated or not) from the time of 15 years of age.

I also demand that the witch cunt Senatricks Dianne Feinstein to answer for her life from the age of 15 so that we can be assured that she passes the new purity test she arbitrarily decided was criminal as she referred a nameless letter to the FBI for investigation; even the FBI in its current hate Trump and Republicans not named McCain rejected such a request.

I am seething about such a putrid 11th hour attempt by this Democrat hack “victim” and Senatricks Feinstein for once again trying to evade due process by withholding this information during endless hours of consultation on the nominee.

I am also conflicted – I am a Libertarian who respects the rule of law, but Democrats have hit my last good nerve where I so want to advocate for life in prison for anyone who makes false charges of sexual assault against another and there should be a solid five year statue of limitations on charges since the further we get away from the event, the less eyewitness support can be trusted; and since there is no physical evidence of such a crime, all we have is one person’s word against another.    It is laughable that any teenager can remember the name and face of perpetrator against them – I was physically assaulted in my late teens by black individuals because of my homosexuality and I can’t pick one out of a lineup if my life depended on me.   And can I name one of them as coworkers of mine?    Fuck no.

I think the penalty for making specious, non-provable claims of sexual assault should be so punitive that it makes it impossible for the “victims” to go down that path; it should make “victims” to immediately inform parents and authorities so that the situation can be filed where the semen is fresh and the panties are even available or that witnesses can be identified and Constitutionally interviewed and their statements made a record of due process.

Without such a punitive punishment, we’ll have more and more false or specious charges made – and some of these may have actually happened – but the actions of the Senatricks Feinstein and the Democrat cunt hack “victim” have set back the MeToo movement which already is specious since it doesn’t take down Bill Clinton for his actions as Arkansas Governor and as United States President.   If there is no way that we can prevent Bill Clinton from being a President, then it is laughably impossible to extend a higher standard to a Supreme Court nominee who has already gone through numerous nomination processes and FBI background checks.

Once the dust settles, then Senatricks Feinstein should be chased out of her office and then handcuffed to her co-conspirator in crime, the Democrat Hack victim, and both permanently dyed with red paint so that they can stand as a warning to the lowest of lows – going beyond the Coke can and the pubic hair.

Even if the so-called cunt Democrat hack victim is telling the truth, are we to allow 35 years of documented appropriate public life and civil service to be tossed away because the victim was lazy and ashamed and did not do the right thing then?    Why should her burden to act be ignored but we should publicly persecute a grown man for specious charges?