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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

UV News Report in conjunction with woo chung news agency, china.

Dateline Yulin

"A notorious Chinese dog meat festival opened on Wednesday (Jun 21) with sellers torching the hair off carcasses, butchers chopping slabs of canines and cooks frying up dishes, dispelling rumours that authorities would ban sales this year.

After earlier reports of a sales ban at the summer solstice event in the southern city of Yulin, animal rights groups said vendors and officials reached a compromise and set a limit of two dogs on display per stall.

But multiple carcasses rested on several stalls at two markets, with stiff pointy tails, leathery yellow skin, eyes shut and bared teeth as if in a final growl.

Crowds of umbrella-toting festivalgoers braved the rain to stand in line outside popular restaurants, but animal welfare groups said sales appeared to be down this year.

Behind two long rows of dog butchers at the Nanqiao market, others sold cow tongues and pork hocks. But even they sold some dog parts, including liver.

Others offered poultry, vegetables and fruit, including big bundles of lychees, which are eaten alongside dog dishes.

There was a heavy police presence outside the market and at all intersections but officers did not seem to be checking stalls.

A man yelled at an AFP reporter at the Dongkou market, warning against taking photos and demanding that they be deleted.

Residents said dog meat was just part of their tradition.

Wu San, 40, used a blowtorch to burn the hair off a dead dog on the floor of a house.

It was given by a friend who had used it as a guard dog but no longer wanted it because "it would only wag its tail, it wouldn't bark anymore," Wu said.

"We'll eat it tonight with friends," Wu said. "Small dogs don't taste good. Dogs that are too fat don't taste good either."


Thousands of dogs have traditionally been killed during the festival in conditions activists describe as brutal, with dogs beaten and boiled alive in the belief that the more terrified they are, the tastier the meat.

The tradition dates back centuries to the Ming Dynasty, with people eating dog and lychees in the belief that it gives them strength, according to Xinhua news agency.

Between 10 million and 20 million dogs are killed for food annually in China, where consumption is legal, according to the Humane Society International (HSI).

But animal rights groups have sought to stop the sale at the annual festival.

"Despite the fact that there does not seem to be a ban on all dog meat, the festival appears to be smaller this year, with fewer dogs losing their lives to this cruel industry," Irene Feng of Animals Asia told AFP.

Activists reported a "significant decrease" in sales at markets, with some traders saying they had stopped buying dogs, according to HSI.

"Ending the Yulin dog meat festival will be made up of smaller victories such as this and it's important that we recognise when progress has been made," said HSI spokeswoman Wendy Higgins.

But locals disagreed that sales were down.


Outside the markets, vendors sold stewed dog meat out of enormous steaming woks, shovelling big portions into plastic bags for passing customers.

Some changed their "dog meat" signs to read "tasty meat" instead. One restaurant covered the character for dog on its sign.

A restaurant owner surnamed Yang said he expected to sell six dogs a day during the festival. "Business during the festival goes up about ninefold. But don't worry, we always manage to have enough dogs," he said.

Liu Zhong, the owner of a small herbal medicine shop, said police were checking whether restrictions were being observed but wholesalers operate out of homes or secret locations.

"They just won't sell to people they don't know well. It's just a bit more under wraps," said Liu, who stopped eating dog meat 10 years ago and now owns seven of them as pets.

Li Yongwei, a Yulin resident in his 40s, said dog was the same as any other meat. "You shouldn't force people to make choices they don't want to make, the way you wouldn't force someone to be a Christian or a Buddhist or a Muslim," he said.

Chen Bing, a 25-year-old office worker playing mahjong with friends, said the government could not cancel the festival even if it wanted to. "The festival will go on. Young people, old people, even babies are all eating dog meat. It's tradition."
Thunderview News -

The day after the fourth defeat of the Democrats in four elections after the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, has been quite illuminating.    Democrats who were predicted that Ossoff would win, are now doing what Democrats do and reframe their spin into "well, that was a Republican district for 40 years and we had no chance to win.   It was predictable."

And how then, do these same Democrats use collusion with outside of Georgia funds that total nearly $50 million after the dust settles (98% of the total funds used in this campaign came from OUTSIDE of the state of Georgia).

If this was a race that could not be won EVER, then why bother?   Why bother spending $50 million that could have been used to give whores free birth control or to give the lazy and unemployable some free healthcare that would be denied by Agent Orange in the White House?

Instead, the Democrats full well were seeking to take this seat (as they tried three other times elsewhere) and they wanted to rub this defeat in Trump's face like one does a dog that has shit on the kitchen floor.

Ossoff voter blubbers like a whining snowflake after defeat.
But, alas, the Pelosi led Democrats now have failed five consecutive elections (including the Presidential one) to defeat Donald J. Trump - and make no mistake, the last four were intentionally made a referendum on Trump by the Democrats and their propaganda partners at the Clinton News Network, the Washington Post (an insidious nest of idiots and traitors), and the rest of the alphabet networks and newspapers across the country.    This was intentionally crafted as a referendum on Trump and the Democrats cannot be allowed to spin it as an eventuality that was a sure Republican win.

Ossoff, a 30 year old waife of a man, doesn't even live in the district he was trying to steal - a race he could not even vote for himself - and he shacks up with an older woman who pays his way making him possibly the first Mr. Playtex (no visible means of support) in American political history. 

Most of the out of state money that was thrown at Georgia came from the drug using, philandering, worthless Hollywood actors and whores like Beyonce who have no business colluding to involve themselves in a state in which they don't live (the slut cow has homes in Los Angeles, New York, and in Texas).

And so now we have another shining example of why Democrats should not be allowed in power anywhere - they cannot assess situations well - they waste millions on failures and invest in companies that go belly up - and they run candidates that have no substance or integrity.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Democrats squandered tens of millions of dollars and exploited Hollywood and Popular Singer support that ended up in yet another failure at the ballot box.

UV News Service Exclusive ****PAGE ONE LEADING STORY****

Across the country snowflakes who were so full of themselves that they could take a 30 year old pussy whipped and pussy supported Mr Playtex (no visible means of support) who didn't even live in the district he was running for are now once again contemplating suicide.

"We've heard that suicide hotlines are giving busy signals as snowflakes are at their wits end and are ready to remove themselves from life and to take their chances in hell where they will end up," said Ellie Phant Wyns, spokesperson for the Republican chick that smashed the 30 year old girl man in the face.

Over at the Clinton News Network, the pundits are now trying to back swim from their illegal campaign free promotions for the 30 year pussy whipped carpetbagger.    Now the spin is that this was a true Republican district and the witch should have won anyway - these fake journalists are so disgusting because they were telling everyone that the Democrats were going to win - now they are having to eat crow while Ossoff will have to suck on his pussy as it whips his fake manhood back to his home city.

The real victim in this election is the twig with tits, the witch Nancy Pelosi who has had 90 face lifts to keep her smile in its condescending visage.    The Republican ran against the twig with tits and once again Pelosi is a cancer to the Democrats.   Ossoff who barely has an IQ in double digits was asked who Pelosi was and it thought the questioner was asking about Pussy.

Lost in the massive failure, a Titanic Moment, for the Democrats is that South Carolina replaced another Republican with a Republican and Democrats are sucking wind and whining and running to their mommies.

An unnamed national Republican noted, "The Democrats brought in all their battle stars and nearly drained their coffers to support a carpet bagging pussy whipped 30 year old with an IQ barely more powerful than a radish.    This is a huge moment and once again Democrats have no clue why Trump won and continue to piss into a hurricane."
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