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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Coco Peru

Get Ready to See and Hear More of
Sheku Kanneh-Mason

In what could be a career move of the ages, the talented 19 year old Cellist was supposed to perform in Los Angeles this very weekend, but had been requested by royal couple to perform at their wedding this past Saturday after having seen him perform at a charity event in London.

In one of the truly amazing performances of an extraordinary wedding, Sheku emoted the sound of his performance through his face as if it was his face that was the instrument and the Cello was merely a prop as an afterthought.    He is a truly remarkable performer and I wish him all the best wishes on a career that will now explode with success.

Imagine an American of his talent who would grab at the American exposure of a LA concert while acting stupidly to trade that in for a free performance at a wedding of uppity white people of privilege.

I applaud this young man and hope he just crushes it in his career.   He traded in an audience that would have likely been under 20,000 for over 1 billion worldwide.

Ah, another one of my prized wildebeests that I get to slam for their outrageous racist actions and instances of lies and bad taste.

I so despise the cunt Oprah.

She's a fraud.   She didn't give away anything on her show - that means she never paid a dime for products that she gave away - and this was all exposed when she gave away those first and last ever Pontiac G6's that had the audience falling all over themselves with love for her.

But she didn't give them away.

GM did.   The very same company that later stole $49.5 billion of American taxpayer (and additional funds from Canadians) without ever paying a dime of taxes or interest on the money.

The Cunt Oprah, that fat bitch, just was the medium in which GM could give away sorry ass vehicles that weren't selling and to hide them behind the fat ass of Oprah - and she was only too proud to pass this gift off as her own doing.   What a disgusting bitch she was and still is.

Now, somehow fat Oprah got an invitation to a wedding that was remarkable in its makeup.

There is now a story that is being exposed that fat Oprah thought her outfit she had chosen was "too white" on the Friday before the wedding.   

Let me state this again.   She and her minions felt the dress was 'too white' and wouldn't photograph well.    That is an overtly racist statement using the ultra sensitive pc standards of black America these days where if you look cross-eyed at a black person,  you've just committed a racial offense.

Operationally her excuse that the outfit would not photograph well is refuted by the very color of her old hat that had a new feather added to it - the hat is way whiter than that burlap sack with fringe that she ended up wearing.    And if you will notice behind her, there is a royal honkey in a very light beige outfit that nearly matches the fat cow's hat and this blows her fucking story to pieces.

The only real reason that the black fat cunt didn't wear a lighter outfit is purely racial.    There is no other believable excuse.

And now let's look at the dumpy thing she decided to go with.

Look at the size of those fucking mount Everest chocolate milk makers that she has straining the fabric of her dumpy dress!    That fabric is trying to contain over 100 pounds of fat tits and the dress makes the mountains even larger - she is grotesque in body build after years of seesawing from 300 pounds down to near mortal size and back again.    The dress looks like it is $1.99 with some lace added by a blind seamstress.   There is no beauty there and the hat ruins the overall look.    Those feathers look like she has no concept of beauty because those feathers were added Friday in order to rescue her racial excuse for changing the dress.

Fat Oprah is a dumpy racist cow that should never have gone to the wedding.   She brought a disgusting visage to an otherwise beautiful ceremony.    I bet that lying cunt chose to pick a darker color so she could hide her grotesque body (and yes I am intentionally fat and gender shaming that cunt).

And, Oprah, stop your cultural misappropriation and stop wearing dresses - your racist ilk are from Africa and you are bound by your own standards of cultural dry rot to only wear what is culturally appropriate for  you.    And that might be beads, some leaves, and not much else.

Oh, wait, perhaps we should thank you for committing a cultural misappropriation fashion violation!
I marvel at the leftist mental disorder that they claim is logic.

Abortion is not murder even though the very act is 100% effective in inflicting death but guns are 100% lethal even though only a minuscule number of them result in deaths and only when used by humans.

I would contend that the party that is 100% behind the death of children is the Democrat party as that party totally is in with Big Abortion in avoiding placing reproductive responsibility upon women and shifting the blame of abortion to those who oppose it.   

Quite frankly women, not guns, are the greatest threat to children.    And while women have total control over what enters their nasty yeast canal, there is no obligation placed upon them for making repugnant choices and imposing a putrid standard of being able to avoid responsibility because they have post coital guilt.

In reality, children are not something that is remarkably important to Democrats.    Since the Great Society, no party has destroyed the black nuclear family better than Democrats by propping up poor reproductive choice where welfare brood mares can decide to abort or not or to keep their broods and to make the rest of society to support them.   And since the Democrats have no compulsion in demanding the serial impregnators to actually support their serial two minutes of pleasure, there is no obligation for humpers of welfare mothers to actually to stay to support those children.

So let's get this correct  here - when a gunman goes into a school (and is often a student or former student of the school), how is the death of anyone in that school any different than a micro human being pulled from the cunt of a repugnant child killer and to have its skull crushed and brains pulled out and dismembered?

Seriously, how is a school gunshot victim any more special than the disregarded micro human that is dismissed as a tissue blob no different than a booger or non-cancerous skin mole?

Certainly we aren't concerned that death by brain splatter is more disgusting than death by brain extraction through a punctured head that is just far enough removed from a cunt to make the extraction easier.

Listening to the neo-nazi David "Camera" Hogg who is a snowflake without an education or intellectual ability  you'd swear that the hundred or less children culled in our public schools (which promote abortion on demand via the National Education Association - the teachers' union) is somehow grounds enough to confiscate guns and to punish law abiding citizens for the crimes of a few; yet, we cannot control, register, or punish women for using tepid excuses for abortion which is always 100% lethal - and there are certainly more repugnant baby-killing women than there are nutcase gun users who kill children.

Remember that over 53 million children  (and most of them are black) have been killed since abortion has been inappropriately made a right; and a specified right to keep and to bear arms is held to a higher standard even as there have been fewer children killed by firearms in the history of this country than in one year of abortions (900,000 on average per year).

It is time to register women who have abortions and to limit them to a 9 month waiting period and to limit a woman to one abortion per lifetime and to void any excuse for killing the unborn based on a woman changing her mind or having regrets for having a one night stand with a loser with a penis.

If women don't want to take responsibility for making babies, then become lesbian and shut the fuck up.

Leave our guns alone.    Maybe you'll be one of the unfortunate to have your brains splashed on a wall by a gunshot - and then you can feel what a micro human feels like as it is dragged just outside that woman's cunt so it can be killed.
Prince Harry Wedding

My Background Perspective

I don't consider myself an Anglophile and am not smitten with the concept of kings and queens and all thing English; my ancestors did their best to blow the bastards to hell in our quest for independence in the 1700's and the arrival of my ancestors dates back to the 1600's and we've shed blood for freedom from all trappings of British Royalty.

I am, however, accepting of British culture and their quaint ways of ensuring strict adherence to their old world ways and making anything that is not stiff an affair where a tight upper lip is only outdone by how prim and proper things are.    The Brits will never be known for their dental health, cooking, or ability to resist over-doing pomp and circumstance, but I find it all a bit intriguing nonetheless.

As a queen, I must disclose that I have a thing for his Ginger Highness, Prince Harry.   There is something about his bad boy nature that has attached to my heart and to other areas that I cannot shake; and I dare say, he's manned up in the most manly ways as he fled his twenties into his thirties.   He is quite the hunk.

So I enter this review of his wedding with a dichotomy of reactions - "that woman" is stealing such wonderful gingerness from the world; and yet, at the same time he is so utterly happy that one must relinquish even the remotest of pangs of lust for the pursuit of his own happiness even as our Constitution guarantees that we should do the same even if there is no guarantee the pursuit will involve any happiness whatsoever.

Overall Reaction

I was utterly gobsmacked by this event.   I am normally so ungay as to find social affairs to be more disgusting than useful, but this whole affair in the royal marriage was a profound display of culture, singular and multi, of refinement and exclusiveness, yet it was so utterly dripping in emotion that I found myself doing as the Prince did with finding a way to make the tears disappear across the cheeks and into facial hair. 

I found Ms. Markle's appearance to be so wonderfully restrained and without flash - her dress was a delicious blend of confinement of extravagance while masking a deeper meaning of symbols of her choosing that were mingled in her five meter train.    It was this backdrop of restraint in opulence that allowed Ms. Markle's inner radiance to be released - she was a wonderful example of American counter culture to excess that allowed her to be the star in a setting where titles, crowns, and hats fought each other for attention; yet her simplicity  was not a showcase for dead common; rather, her simplicity was of good taste and style - her dress did not overpower her - she was the star in a room with hundreds of points of royal light.   She was remarkable.   She was radiant.   She made me tear up as her joy danced among the panes of stained glass.

The children employed in this celebration were stars as well - ever so coached in the finer trappings of a royal celebration - yet they were children who managed to be both rehearsed and spontaneous - and the two boys holding hands in the procession of Ms. Markle's entrance were a joy to behold in their innocence and cherub-like qualities.    The young ladies in the procession were buttons of beauty with innocence that matched their white gowns even if Ms. Markle's purity display was one of masking the obvious conquests that her 36 years had partaken.

The Prince was materially every bit of man's man quality that I so admire - he was composed and offered that stiff upper lip, but he would break free as he entered the church and shook the hands of the two foreign guards there beaconing the future king to do the same; it was this quality of the Prince that I so admire - he is his own man and will venture into his new life on his own terms and conditions breaking free from the crust of royalty.    Seeing the Prince's expressions change as emotions also overwhelmed him - smiles to sternness - to the captivation of his new bride as the radiance of her visage cascaded over him bringing out the love that cannot be faked between two people who truly are hearts mingling in love.    It is thus that I knew that this celebration of coupling was going to be special.

In retrospect, when Princess Diana was coupled with the man with enormous ears, I felt nothing like this even as I watched that union live while only capturing snippets of today's even live (yet watching the entire affair on YouTube from the official channel of the Royal Family in delay).

It is thus that I approach this whole affair - the look of Prince Harry when Ms. Markle approached and then stood beside him - as if he had just seen his first ice cream cake - you cannot fake responses like this.   It was the wonderfully touching and heart felt facial expressions of Ms. Markle's mother as she shifted through all possible emotions and then went back again with her heart felt pride and love for her daughter.   In a world of British crust, the Americans brought the purity of emotion and the fact that the Prince felt the wave and rode it makes him all the more delicious.

It is thus I now crown the look that Harry gave his future wife as the "look of love" by which all looks shall be compared; and pity the woman who doesn't get that look from her man.   All she can do is to stand by him while he makes hay with a barnyard horse.

Speaking of that horse, Camilla wore a pale shade of pink from head to foot and looked like she had compressed an ostrich into a hat that was equally pink and enormous in its shade casting effect upon her head nearly masking the visage of the barnyard attraction she gives to the one with big ears.

The Queen herself managed an exit from her motor carriage as she wore a bright green dress designed by Praying Mantis and Sons of London and places under rocks.   She certainly could be found easily if there was emergency with that outfit.   But at least she hoofed it into the building under her own power.   God save the Queen.   And unlike Babs Bush, those were real pearls she was wearing.   Her husband also made it on his own which is quite remarkable because he looks close to being fitted for a sleep six feet under.   Whatever they gave him to reanimate him for this event is something that our own death's door contestant, Nancy Pelosi, needs.

Ms. Markle arrived in a Rolls along with her two young train carriers and they were most precious to admire as they displayed youth in abundance and were obviously enjoying their role in the celebration even if they might be too young to truly understand all the festivities.

Ms. Markel's entrance was nothing short of stunning - fairy-tale-like.    She radiated love and warmth and was simply mesmerizing in beauty.   And it was thus that the anticipation look of Harry took over as today was the Christmas of all Christmases and even the man with big ears looked royal as a side effect as he walked her ladyship down the aisle.

What was striking to this point is that no Christian found it upon himself to blow up dozens of fellow Christians in order to find heaven and 72 virgins.   There is exactly one disgusting religion who extends its evil and satanic ways upon others.   Judeo-Christian principles trump those other third rate cults which impersonate religions.   Here we have a celebration of life and joy - all concepts foreign to those who yell "allahfuckbar".

The choir was angelic and stunning - it was of virtue and innocence - a truly remarkable sound that was truly icing on the proceedings to this point.    Joyous and uplifting and compelling.

The words from the sermon of the black preacher were truly remarkable and powerful - and while those thinking of a royal wedding might think of a total lily white affair, this was truly a remarkable multicultural event that could teach America about harmony and equality instead of getting what is yours regardless of the pain you inflict on others even if you've never been aggrieved by another but are rather a prisoner of your own failure to take responsibility for your own life and personal choices.

It was here that the event transgressed a union of one man and one woman - it was rather a statement of humanity in guidance on how we should conduct our lives - holding the hands of boy and boy, black and white, and embracing the love of God without shame in the name of love.   If only this message could reach those who would kill another or to uplift those who exploit National Anthem time for their own personal greed and hate of others.   I'd find it an honor to listen to more of his sermons.    Amazing.  Brother had his game on!

And the black choir performing "Stand by Me" was heavenly and remarkable.   Riveting.  Another interjection of soul into the lives of those who might never engage in such interjection.   Judging by the facial expressions of some, this might be their only interjection of soul.

The love and joy of their looks cast as they joined union with their vows was so genuine and touching.

And then the choir awoke with their angelic tones.

I was flooded with tears.

Other Remarkable Moments