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Sunday, September 24, 2017

The shit is hitting the fan.

NFL television ratings are in decline resulting in less-than-promised television advertising revenues making networks angry and nervous.

Fans are pissed and teams in some of the biggest metropolitan areas which have never had problems filling stadiums are finding empty seats in an increasing number each game.

And now the London game today, in England, had even more racist black players kneeling in their act of repugnant defiance while the National Anthem was played.

It is time for the majority of America which actually buys NFL merchandise and pays for tickets to games and which watches games to turn their backs on these black bastards and to rob their sport of revenue.

It is time for Americans to give back to the black racists and to make them less likely to get pay raises and to hurt owners' revenues to the point where it becomes too costly to tolerate overt displays of black player racism.

It is time to fire the players or to suspend them.

America - you need to do something else on Sundays.   On Monday nights.   And on Thursday nights.

Let the black racist players do what they'll do - their low-class, racist, and arrogant middle fingers to our country - which is directly aimed at White America.

It fucking pains me to have to see things in a black and white perspective - having actively chosen not to for over 50 years of my life.   But I'm sick of the intolerance and dishonesty of black America - the perpetual sense that you are victims and pointing the fingers at Whites.   I am so sick of you whining that we cannot stereotype blacks all the while your actions stereotype white people as cracks and your reasons for failure.

Enough is enough - piss in your beds, assholes.

You've now tilted the concern of White America for your real issues that we could assist.

Now we wash our hands of you and tell you black whiners to kiss our white asses.

We are the majority and we have more power than you - and now you will get to see what happens when we turn our backs on your whinings and stop listening to you.

America needs to no longer accept black players kneeling as anything other than overt racist actions no different than raised fists into the air, nazi salutes, or wearing white dresses and hoods after labor day.   It is time to call a spade a spade and to issue the ultimatum that we shall not aid in your distribution of hate and contempt and we are not going to pay for your salaries any more.

Fire the bastards.   Suspend them.   Stop playing the National Anthem.

But we must stop with any concern about the NFL and to let the sport die.    The sport that has been wussified as it panders to women has become nothing more than a venue for black racism on whites.

And we aren't going to take it any more.
I get it

I get it.

You black people have it so bad.

At every turn a white person is hiding under your beds and inside your closets.

We handcuff you so you can't become doctors and lawyers.

We give you names like La'Quesha, Day'Mone, and T'rel.

We sneak into your bedrooms and remove your pocket change so you can't put those $2500 wheels and rims on your $500 Toyota Camry.

We force you to buy $200 athletic shoes while you can't afford to pay child support for your 10 children that you fathered with eight different women - none of whom you dared to put a ring on their finger and to give them a date for a life time of commitment.

Everyone knows only black men are killed by police.    Never are white men killed by aggressive police tactics.

We know that the NFL is filled with 90% white men who take slots which should be going to black men who spend their youth dressed in athletic wear and find becoming educated as "too white".

We get it.

And so once you become a professional athlete making millions of dollars (as members of an oppressed race), you have to express your outrage by targeting the National Anthem of the United States.

So what do you do?

Do you create companies that hire your oppressed brothers?

Do you go to black communities in Chicago and tell your brothers to stop killing each other and to provide them with hope and condoms to end their serial insemination and run tactics that aren't that much different than drive by shootings?

So what do you do, disgruntled black millionaire athletes?

You piss on our National Anthem!

While real men stand and pay tribute to the good things this country does, you decide to rape our National Anthem by squatting like chicks dispensing your uric acidic in a tantrum of golden showers.    You have raised the bar of outrageous contempt for our country by pretending you give a flying monkey's ass about racial inequality while you remain silent on how it is possible that a race that is about 25% of our country's population takes over 85% of the roster slots in the NFL and NBA.

So now the National Anthem is a great white privilege target now that Donald J. Trump had the audacity to wish your employment termination from acting like arrogant and self-righteous children.

Do you assholes know that you have no right while on the employer's clock to freedom of speech?

Do you assholes know that a white person was fired for protesting in an politically incorrect manner while protesting off the clock and on his own time?

I suspect not.   I suspect you black racist swine who hunt down crackas using your smart phones as racist hit squads are too busy listing your grievances of how you remain sisters of the perpetual victim class just as you eschew any responsibility for your own personal failures.

You see, we get it, because you are black, you can't possibly know jack shit about acting like adults and you have to blame your failures on whitie.    And we know that because you feel indignation that you were sold by other blacks into slavery (well, you weren't since that happened 250 plus  years ago) that you have ownership of the largest chip on your collective shoulder known to man.   Had it not been for your Roots selling you to those nasty crackas, your asses would be back on the African continent where you would have flies all over your faces and mouths and eyes as your children would have bloated bellies and you would be victims of God's racism by having the audacity to contrive famines.

Yeah, we get it.

You are victims.

Well, assholes, it is time that we do something about it.

Let's end the oppression you feel.

Let's stop playing the National Anthem at any sporting event where we might offend the sisterhood of the perpetual victim class.   Let's prevent you from feeling the urge to squat to piss while crackas remain in their robotic pride of placing their racist hand over their hearts.  You know those crackas are just waiting to oppress you - to kill you - to treat you like dead common ghetto inhabitants.

You just know that those National Anthem standing crackas who tear up at the words contained in those stanzas of an old English drinking song are just bursting with white privilege waiting to cut your Achilles tendons because they can't compete with your superior athletic breeding.

So I propose we remove from your presence the symbol of oppression that you so proudly claim as part of your victimhood that causes you to squat instead of standing like a man; let's end your suffering.   Let's just prevent the sound of your torment to be played.   Let's arrest any white person who dares to stand with their hand over their heart because we all know that is just a prehistoric nazi salute that seeks to oppress you and to send you back to the plantation.

Are you game?

Or have you forgotten to stand like men?