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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Thunderview News -

The corpses of the dead in the latest terrorist attack in Britian have barely released steam and still hover in the mid 70's in temperature, but that hasn't stopped the whining from the usual leftist agitators who can't let a good crisis go without removing American's liberties.

It is also a matter of time that we will be informed that most SUV deaths are female-based and there will be a racial overtone to those killed.   You can book it.     And maybe even a transgendered potato chip will have been killed too.

Usually one of the first cows to the microphone after an American shooting, Democrat Senatricks Diane Feinstain, Feinstain wasted no dissipating body heat time before demanding that we design all vehicles so that they cannot kill a human being when used as a weapon.

"I have high personal integrity and cannot let this crisis go without screwing the American people," said Feinstain.   "We must demand that all vehicles of all sizes and shapes be designed so that they can hit an old lady crossing the street and gently lower her to the pavement and to hand her flowers while a first responder is called to the scene.    I know we cannot ban SUV's which are inherently evil and gas thirsty and throw billions of tons of C02 into the air that causes the global warming that we are experiencing that has buried the entire Hawaiian island chain under water."

UV News network did manage to get a question asked of the Senatricks... "Are you for knife control?" to which the Senatricks reminded us that "if we ate vegetables we would not need knives since knives are used to reduce the size of animal flesh so that we can consume it.   Of course I support limiting how many knives you can own and the size of knives and that we should impose a strict one year waiting period on acquiring just one additional knife."

The Senatricks was overhead demanding to only to be asked easy questions when one CNN reporter asked her if she recently changed her hair color.     Senatricks Finestain remarked "I have touched up the color recently.   Thank you for noticing."

It should also be reported that the witch Finestain also is wearing eighty year old outfits that look like she robbed graves to acquire them. 

Also Finestain's husband has profited from the passage of many of the Sentatrick's legislation and her family has never been investigated or punished for reaping outrageous profits from her life as a Senatricks.

It should be noted that the leftist Europeans have already imposed pedestrian safer vehicles to be designed which coincidentally has also lowered the ability of the vehicles to maximize fuel economy!
I had my first chance to try one of these new McDonald's Kiosks and can say without equivocation that the system is a disaster and a reason to avoid eating at McDonald's again.

I so wanted to try one of these kiosks.

With the typical McDonald's cashier being rude, uncaring, and uneducated in the concept of customer service, I so want them all fired and replaced with Pineapples.

But Pineapples don't have the ability to translate my order into an actual one.

So when a local McDonald's was leveled and the new smaller sized item constructed to replace it, I wanted to try the new place.

I did not expect Kiosks, but noticed them almost immediately.

As typical with McDonald's these days, the place was dirty (this is a new store!) and there was an extensive band of moisture on the floor (and the wet floor sign pointed away from conspicuous warning - which meant no one from the main door would see it).

After having avoided Lake McShitty, I was almost greeted by a McDonald's employee who still managed to have no customer contact skills and directed me through the water to the Kiosk immediately behind it (instead of a more land locked kiosk where I didn't have to hire a boat to use the kiosk).

I was never asked if I had used this shit before nor was I instructed on how to use it.

I was left alone to stand at a huge screen that had no apparent organization other than to put pictures across it to fill the screen.

All I wanted to order was a chicken combo of some sort - in 15 seconds even with LaQuesha behind the register, I could have ordered the product.

Was there a combo icon anywhere?

I don't know.   LaQuesha turned away and allowed me tap the screen like a stupid monkey hoping to find somewhere a mention of a combo.

None discovered.

I cleared my mock order and started again.

LaQuesha completed her orbit of the Kiosks in about a minute and managed to ask me, "can I help you?"

(I was steaming but didn't communicate my contempt to the human who was worth $5 per hour but getting paid $10 an hour to do nothing).

I said, "I want to order a combo" and then she turned to me and said the combos are on the menu board over there (pointing to the distant LCD panels above the old registers where LaQuesha would hang out in between phone calls and attempts to remind me she is a diva).

At that point I turned to her and made a verbal gesture with both hands to push away from the Kiosk and said, "Thank you for changing my mind and choosing Wendy's" - and off I went to taste the new texture Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich (which was near wafer thin, had a weird texture, and barely covered the bun despite it being a non-value menu item).    I can say that Wendy's has once again ruined its products and that was no chicken sandwich - that was breading with chicken fibers keeping the two breaded surfaces from touching each other - there was once a real ckicken sandwich at Wendy's in the early 1980's and that thing called a chicken sandwich today was no John F. Kennedy - er, Chicken Sandwich.
Update:   12:52 p.m.

CNN's bearded booger anchor, Wolf Blitzed, is astounded this attack can be so quickly labeled an act of terror and not presumably a "drive by fruiting".    And perish the thought that this terrorism could be pinned to the practitioners of the religion of peace and not onto one of Trump's voters.

A vehicle used in this attack was an SUV - which elevates the seriousness of the crime because SUV's are inherently evil and deaths caused by their impact are so much more important than those hit by a Prius driven by a millenial playing snapchatfacebooktwit.