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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Every campaign has its very own buttmunch, Karl Rove.   It chills me to the bone thinking that anyone had his bone in her.

For G. W. Bush is was that bald-headed asswipe

For the reign of King Pimple of a Man the first it was David Fluffy (sounds like pluffy).

In the era of the Clintonistas, there was Rahm the Ballerina (current mayor of Chicago) and Sydney Blumenthal (a man who could be the most dishonest man in America).   Sydney, prime and proper as he fancies himself, has served the Rapist in Chief and is a confidant of Kankles the Klown in her present life as the most dishonest person to ever run for any elected office in American history.

We know that Blumenthal has an unnatural connection with Hillary (he can't be a friend with benefits because he is of the wrong gender).    She communicates with him constantly and he's been there since day one when the Kankles ran against the soon to be King in 2008.

Read here about how Birthenthal is complicit in creating the Birther movement for Hillary Clinton.

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