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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fellow Americans of all creeds and colors,

You are being set up.

What we have here is a classic leftist style of divide and conquer type of propaganda that creates a fictional narrative out of selected situations that intentionally ignore other facts that don't support the narrative and are intentionally employed to advance a leftist position.

This is a fact.

Since we know it is a fact that most reporters are biased and have contributed to leftist candidates without disclosing this information (independent groups have to dig up the details), we know where the bias of their reporting shall follow.

It is a fact that the "Black Lives Matter" protests are not grass-roots.   The major funder of all Black Lives Matter situations is the insidious, evil, and corrupt leftist supporter, George Soros, who has an agenda to destroy national borders and to make it so that a one world government shall rule with leftist agenda for leftist 1% people.

This is not in dispute.   I've already posted the details here on this blog about Soros and his $100 million funding of Black Lives Matter.   And none of this money was required to hire a black person, to help a black person with education, or to send black children to private schools for a superior education; and not one penny was spent telling young black men to stop their serial impregnation of black sows and then not supporting those families; and not one one penny was ear-marked to prevent the black on black male slaughter in our inner cities that is the true killer of black men.

The media has selectively not reported on white males killed by police.   That is a fact.    The only narrative that we have is that some poor black man was killed by the police.

And the media reports these black deaths as if the police officer was white.   That simply is dishonest.   That is unethical.   That is criminal.    Black police officers are killing black perps.   And so are female police officers killing black perps.

And the police are not concerned with the color of the skin of the "perp" when they thankfully kill the human debris before the debris kills the police.

Since the leftist media cannot be separated anymore from the leftists that rule this country, we have to hold these enemies of freedom and of liberty accountable for their treason - intentionally seeking to destroy this nation.

The situation with blacks killed by police is so overreported that it is criminal in its scope.

What is shameful is that if the police do have a problem, it is with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which is rampant in the police as budgets are cut and fewer police work more hours and face the insidious black community's ignorance and perpetuation of victimhood.     The real issue here is that the police, suffering from PTSD are more apt to fire instead of taking an additional split second to assess the situation.   The black racists like the San Fransisco 49er QB Colin Krappernick and his racist black NFL players who have joined him in protests have not yet addressed this issue of police PTSD - a serious mental health issue.   Rather than stop and think, these black racists are following the Black Lives Matter narrative of intentionally being dishonest to advance a political agenda.

I am so fed up with the squatting by NFL players during the national anthem that I wish they'd be fired for being dishonest and creating a hostile environment for the rest of us.   These fools and jackasses are not making things better - they are dishonest people who are promoting an agenda that threatens us all.

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