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Friday, September 9, 2016

I want to inform the leftist pigs who claim to invoke Constitutional protections at a whim when the rest of the time they are subverting that document through their Progressive Neo Communist Social Justice bilge, that there is a distinct difference between what you do on your personal time and what you do when someone is paying you as an employee.

In short, when you are on the clock, the "contract" between you and your employer necessarily limits what your trap or body can say.   In short, you have no right to run your mouth or to act in a way that the business finds offensive.    There are additional limitations here - a franchise of a larger corporation binds employees to several layers of limiting actions - a franchisee may hold an employer to higher standards of conduct than the franchising company.   And a franchising company can hold franchises accountable for having employees who don't meet the minimum standards of conduct.

So, when an athlete who is a professional and who is under contract acts in a subversive manner or in contrary to the team's guidelines, he may have his trap shut for him or made to stand for the national anthem contrary to his personal feelings.

There is no right to act like an asshole on the job - there is no right to express your opinion on anything while you are on the clock.

You have full freedom on your own dime - and even there may be limitations if you are a star and you say things like what Mel Gibson said - you can be rebuked even during your off time.

While I applaud freedom of expression, these athletes are reprehensible and advocating for a cause that is fake, subversive, and is terroristic as well as racist in its own enaction.

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