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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Apparently the media is only inquisitive about taxes paid when it involves Donald J. Trump.   And to get this information they illegally obtained information (that means they stole) to support their "hunch" that Trump has escaped paying taxes.

Did I mention the New York Times is the one breaking this story?  

And that now over 17% of that leftist rag is owned by an Mexican billionaire (who has motive to sack Trump's election).


Stop the presses!

In 2009, the Obama Administration illegally allowed Obama Motors (trading as "the new GM") to use $14 billion in loss credits to offset future profits that were from the bankrupt company - "the real GM."     The only entity to blame for this disgusting conduct is King Pimple of a Man - he forced GM into bankruptcy and the terms of the bankruptcy allowed the new GM to take the loss credits from the old GM while also trying to avoid any legal responsibility for GM product defects from the old GM that killed customers!

In contrast, Trump is said to have used $900 million in losses (all legally) to offset taxes.    When you make big money you also can lose big dollars.

So while the leftists are whining about legal losses to offset taxes (all legally), they are not saying anything about the illegal actions of the Obama administration allowing his automobile company (that also richly rewarded the UAW as it illegally put them ahead of stock and share holders who had legal standing ahead of the UAW) to fail to pay $14 billion in taxes (and in leftist swine-speak, that means that is $14 billion in deficit spending and interest being paid by YOU into perpetuity).

So while it is CLAIMED that Government/Obama Motors is making a profit, it doesn't pay any taxes and this could happen for the next decade.

So, leftist pigs?!

Which is worse?

Or do you need a calculator!

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