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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton is not man enough to do her own fighting.

She has to use a penis to do her fighting.

Tonight we witnessed one of the most disrespectful, rude, unprofessional, and dishonest action by any candidate in any debate ever.   He constantly was allowed without any sanction to talk over the Republican Vice Presidential candidate while it was the Republican's time.

The asshole cunt, bitch moderator was weak and misguided and so biased that she sanctioned the Republican when he dared to challenge the lies of the Democrat!    This cunt is an amateur - she is lauded by her leftist lamestream media, but make no mistake she is not good enough to be on the real television - she is reduced to some half-bit webcam show.

This was as outrageous as any debate - it was so one-sided in its enforcement of rules that there is now no hope that we can do anything to control the unpaid pro-Democat bias of this debate.

And yes, that woman was a cunt.    She did not do her job - she was a hack for the Democrats.

Tim Kaine was my Governor - he is a disgusting person who is so two-faced as to make so that it is all a blur.   He has never beaten a strong candidate for any elected office.    This guy is a political lightweight whose parting gift as a Governor was to increase Virginians taxes WITHOUT any evidence it was needed.

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