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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The narrative has been set.

Hillary Clinton is going to be the next President and Donald Trump will lose.

Not so fast.

We know that the entire alphabet and social media networks have sold their objectivity out to be the campaign media division of the Democrat party and exclusively for Hillary Clinton.

The media is no longer impartial.

And with almost all of the media named above, these people are personal sell outs to their country; not only are they lying and selectively reporting on Hillary, they are dumping lies, deception, and half-truths on Donald Trump.    In one of the latest assessments of coverage, Donald Trump has received 90% or more of his coverage in negative aspects of his campaign.   The flip is happening with Hillary Clinton and not all of the media is covering Hillary and the DNC's hacked emails.

With such a disproportionate and unethical and dishonest coverage that is happening, it is a miracle that any of the selected polls that the media runs with show Trump within single digits.    And sadly none of the alphabet derived polls has been close to predicting results in elections; there is one that stands above them all and it is now a 1 point race.

Hillary should be leading by 20 points or more.

The problem is that as distasteful as Trump is, Hillary is a dishonest, nasty, stinking cunt that has no upside potential and is such a bitch that Trump still has a chance.    While Trump is doing four or five campaign stops a day during this crunch time, Hillary does one and then she goes home to sleep.

If it is discovered that the alphabet and social media outlets have been hiding how seriously sick Kankles the Klown is, then my advocation for mass hangings of the news media should proceed - and since there is no denying their complicity with the cunt, the hangings should start the day after election time and proceed through all on air staff at the alphabet networks and the big dudes at the social medias should hang along with them - along with George Soros, all editorial writers that have sold out to Hillary, and all of the staff at the Huffington, Puffington Post.

Dead.  Gone.   Taking the eternial celestial dirt nap.

But what if what these people have been telling us is so dishonest as to indicate a Hillary potential victory when Donald Trump wins on November 8th.

What should happen then to the media?

What should happen to all the gutless, nutless, spineless Republican weasels who have stabbed Donald Trump in the back?

I hope that in this narrative of a Trump victory that Trump finds a way to marginalize and to ignore the rat bastards that claim they are Republicans.  

And I want special treatment to Glenn Beck and his ilk - the Never Trumpers - the self-righteous psuedo-Christian assholes who would rather vote for Hillary or stay at home blubbering with Jesus to come out to vote for Trump.   I want these bastards drawn and quartered - I want their hides peeled off like skins of tomatoes.   I want them then thrown into chipper shredders and to have their remains spread over cow shit - over pig shit - and I want it done on public tv.

My problem here is that we have people who have lied to us - and to me lying is a criminal action - it is a subversive, traitorous action that cannot be tolerated.   It is not as if they've only gone after Trump 60% of the time and then the rest of the time gone after Hillary.   These are the same assholes who stabbed Bernie Sanders in the back - in truth the only honest candidate we've had this year - and who have coordinated coverage with Hillary Clinton - and they've gone along as if they are reporting the whole truth when they've lied, lied, and lied more.   They have intentionally been deceptive.   These clowns have so violated any and all professional ethics that they should forfeit their jobs but also forfeit their lives for aiding our enemies and weakening this country.

Hopefully Donald Trump will seek to punish his enemies at all levels - since the Democrats and their voters have condoned arbitrary and capricious executive actions, I hope Trump goes after all of his political enemies and uses all of the powers Obama has exercised and renders those who have gone against him and to make their lives a bloody hell - literally.

Be careful, leftists, the party is not over and Donald is no Mittens.

He wins.    And you can book on that.

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