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Saturday, October 29, 2016

The one thing I have learned about Hillary Clinton through the 25 years I've known of her is that she is totally incapable of being honest - she is a congenital liar - she's worse than her husband.   And when she says something, it is more often than not the absolute furthest from the truth that she could be.

And now I've caught the old cunt lying again about the recent revelation that the FBI is reopening her private email server (and use to distribute classified information).

She stated that the letter was only sent to Republicans in Congress.

That is a bold-faced lie!

The letter is addressed to both members of the parties involved and the Democrats are noted on page two of the letter.     This is distressing because it further shows you just can't trust ANYTHING this cunt says.    As a result you cannot believe what this shrew says about her economic policies which she likely pulled from her 70 year old crusty vajayjay complete with the 3 inch flabs of cunt skin now drooping from the sides of her vulva.

The NYTimes has published the actual letter in pdf form for you to see - look at page two - other members of the Clinton media have retyped the letter deleting who received this so as not to confront the bitch with her lie!

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