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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The problem with this election is that we have ignorant millennial voters who are too stupid to do research and too lazy to become informed on who Hillary Clinton truly is.

Depending on how her Presidency progresses, I'd venture to say that Hillary voters could be charged with treason - for nothing about this bitch would support the Constitution and protect us from our enemies.

It would be a shame that millions of people would face the firing squad for not doing their due diligence on researching her.

I say this with all due disrespect to anyone who would vote for Hillary.

You are traitors.

Fundamentally, Hillary Clinton is a dishonest person who fancies herself above the rule of law.   And while we've already had a President who fancies himself as a King, Hillary will rise above that level of contempt for our laws and will proceed using King Pimple's precedents and totally transform America into a hateful, divided nation like we've never seen before.   And that divided part will only last for several years as she finds ways to imprison her political enemies.


We already have precedent that Hillary maintains a hit list - an enemies list - this was proved in 2008 - and we have operational evidence that the Clintons use FBI records against their enemies; and we have precedence that leftists use the IRS to go after their political enemies and do so with so little regard for the law that they outright lie and distort and willfully flaunt the law because they run the time out of any investigation - the Clintons are masters of obfuscation.    Just consider how this skank witch hid using a private email server that is in violation of Federal Records keeping acts and was in fact a national security threat because it had less security protection than a Wendy's credit card transaction (one of the largest breaches of data theft in the history of this country).

There are enough friends of the Clintons who mysteriously end up six feet under to realize that even friendship has no protection against accidental deaths.   And if the Clintons treat their friends with funeral services, imagine what she'll do to her friends if she becomes President.

I'd like to clarify a point here - while I loathed every minute of Bill Clinton as President, I did not believe he was a fundamentally evil man.   Yeah, his politics sucked, but he was a pragmatist.   I really didn't care that he humped fat chicks in the White House.    The rapes and assaults in his past were problematic to me.   And his willingness to sell out his country to the Chinese with the Loral situation which gave the Chinese MIRV capability to their missiles that they didn't have was a big red flag; and the Global Crossing fiasco that gave the current bedwetting Virginia Governor, Terrance McFluffy his millions is a red flag that corruption and the Clintons are a marriage that stays together for highway robbery.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is evil.   She is the most corrupt and dishonest person to ever run for any political office.   If you really know her as I do - and I had several friends from high school who were Secret Service during the original Clinton years, I know that she's a reprehensible, mean-spirited, hot head that will lie and deceive and would sell Chessie her daughter out if it meant she could gain more power.    Hillary is without question the most vile person to ever run for President and her smile is all show.   She is petty and mean-spirited and she would make Richard Nixon look like a cub scout in comparison.

Now do you see why you who vote for her are traitors?

Hillary would be a reckless and spiteful commander in chief; she would wage war without even giving it a thought - she would back stab allies and would double cross; she would sell out this country for profit.   We know this because she's already done this as Secretary of State - she rushed to judgment in Libya; she lied about Benghazi; she allowed innocent Americans to die without one ounce of remorse and then lied to their relatives.   This woman is so vile and so reckless that she could bring us to the third world war with a hair trigger reflex. 

Her Iran deal is so outrageous that she made sure that the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world received over $1.7 billion in money - and despite her lies - Iran is working just as fast (if not faster) on nuclear weapons as they were before.    This deal didn't stop Iran from getting the bomb - it enabled them to do so.    And her fingerprints will be all over the nuclear attack upon Israel that will happen if she is elected President.

This woman has been so falsely sold to us as the most qualified person to ever run for office.

The problem is at all levels of her government service, she's phoned it in - she's relied on others to do the work to get credit - and when she does something that she is proud of, she claims it as her own and then makes enemies of her into liars even when they are telling the truth.   The Iran deal is so bad for the world that it can't pass the smell test.

The media has sold out to her - she'll be able to hide and to stifle criticism and she'll wage war upon her opponents when she has absolute power.

You can dismiss this if you wish, but I'm telling you, evil wears pant suits and has kankles.   And she's satan's daughter.

The economy will tank - we are being held together by tape - as soon as interest rates explode, and they will under her, our debt will overwhelm our budget - she'll push to increase taxes on the rich by 50% and then will secretly find a way to punish the middle class while protecting her plantation dwellers who she must keep happy - they'll never pay taxes and she'll bribe them.

She'll wage racial and gender wars - pitting everyone against each other to preserve her power.   She's so skilled at double speak that we'll get to see that she does in fact have public and private positions.

Doubt me at your own cost.   You've been warned.   Traitors.

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