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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Time flies when a country disintegrates around you.

We've had the great social and economic experiment that the leftist swine have all wanted - unmitigated federal spending, exploding deficits, racial strife, international failures that make the Jimmy Carter years seem exemplary.

Our nation is going down the shitter.

If you could tell me that we could overspend tax revenues in eight years by nearly $10 trillion once King Pimple of a Man was coronated, I'd have cried and laughed and alternated back in a fit of hysterics.

The truth has now emerged.

While the Progressive, neo-communist, socialist swine have lambasted "trickle down" economics from the 1980's, we've now seen that "deluge spending" has produced the weakest economic recovery ever without any 3% economic growth in any quarter in recorded American history during two terms of a President tenure.

This blog originally sought to bring the nirvana of the nude male that was really an escape from the reality that our democrat leaders were exploiting minorities and gay people for the profit of the Democrats while giving lipservice to our issues.    Oh, sure, leftists who don't care about our Constitution will claim that the bastardization of "marriage" to only redefine it to the dualist proposition of including only same gender marriages.    Yet, to get this "marriage", we had to redefine marriage and then to usurp a clearly religious institution to make it a civil one.   Not one peep has come out of this dysfunctional and traitorous leftists when their separation of religion and state can easily be raped just to turn marriage into (1) a civil institution and then coopted into (2) so broad an institution as to make the whole thing a mockery.

I clearly supported narrowly defining marriage as ONLY the religious doctrine that it was and then to make ALL CIVIL unions into domestic partnerships - that would mean any union among adults (note the pluralistic tone here - not BETWEEN, but AMONG) that is recognized as a civil union for the purpose of legal proceedings, inheritance, et al.    Marriage is only religious.    Domestic partnerships would be legal and binding and civil.    Someone married in a religious ceremony would not be civilly recognized until they obtained their "Domestic Partnership License."  

My perspective on legal unions is consistent with the Constitution and does not rape those of religious faith; it also recognizes far more equality than the idiotic notion of "gay marriage".   I would allow any number of adults to marry if they so choose.  Gay marriage is as bigoted as straight marriage because it limits its scope to duality, not plurality.   I thus rebuke and resist it and piss on the notion.    If two people can marry, I see no reason to deny three or more if they can deal with the legal implications of their personal choices.

This blog in 2011 was primarily centered around the world of cyberspace that no longer exists and I shall not revisit it.   That era was a sad one for me as I lost my job as part of the Obama economy and my world was in disarray.   Cyberspace allowed me to me a few cool people and opened my eyes to backstabbing bitches that are gay but who are as petty as anything that Donald Trump can be called.

I thus shifted my focus on this blog to topical stories with my own commentary.    I am alarmed that in the "gay community" that there seems to be this notion that if you are gay, you are obligated to believe the generally accepted leftist principles of shafting the rich, fabricating lies about conservatives and Christians, and then to find yourself such a princess that those who disagree with you should be banned from ever speaking contrary words.    This is the buttmunch crowd of nellies which demand tolerance but are so bigoted and petty that they are worse than any fundamentalist christian in their vitriol.    Needless to say I fed off this pettiness and made it a point to skewer every leftist cause I could find and to lambast every leftist candidate for any office.

I don't really bother to spend much time on attacking those on the right - the bigoted media does a fine job and not doing their job and only covering things from a Democrat perspective so I shouldn't waste my time going there.    With leftist getting all the fluff coverage, I found it a refreshing perspective to go to a gay site which doesn't swallow what Democrats say - hook, line, and sinker.    I know in my travels through the internet and looking at blogs filled with delicious peen, that I have to wade through the usual gay leftist excreta that panders to Democrats; but unlike many who have written here to me to insult, I don't bother to write nasty notes to other blogs.  

I believe in freedom of expression if it is your free time.   If you are selling things, I can rebuke you by never buying from you.    And it would be wise for those who are professional athletes who are employed and are using the time of business being transacted to do their overt racist actions while trying to make it an expression of free speech - it is clearly not - and those swine could take their squat and piss show to their front yard and be safe; but on business time they should be fired.    And this is true because they are not telling the truth, not caring to solve the real issue of police PTSD induced situations, and aren't helping one black kid grow up to be what they are now - hoods, thugs, and likely to kill another black child while living in the urban setting.  

I love all peen.   Black peen is robust, asian peen is so delightful in its robust pubic hair, Western men are so different in the sizes and shapes, and hispanic men who don't steal their way to our country are indeed delicious in their cinnamon skin tones.

I rebuke and resent races who continually cry wolf and who continually make themselves victims and who spend so precious little time looking at themselves and to see what they are doing that places their skreed in the line of fire of a police officer.    And it is equally frustrating that this leftist swine media only reports when a black life is snuffed out while all other skin colors are also snarfed out.   It does seem like only black lives matter; apparently sending a thug to hell is all that matters.   It would be wonderful if a cracka was covered with as much boo hoo as a black thug is.

And so I now conclude by asking that you vote against Hillary.   I don't give a damn whom you vote for so as long as you don't make our current situation worse by adding a woman who has never told the truth to have all the power she can use to wage war on our freedoms.

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