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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

America has become a joke under the rule of King Pimple of a Man the first (and last).    With the expectation that Kankles the Klown was going to be coronated Queen Kankles the first, America's children (up to those of age 25 when they are developing male pattern baldness) are developing a new fatal emotional disease - snowflakes.

Snowflakes is an actual term used to describe this generation of spineless, self-esteem filled, bloviating, stupid youth who have no backbone and cannot handle disappointment.    These children - all the way up to age 25 and living in the folks' basement and have always been told that they are the most precious thing on earth and that they are owed an easy life by the leftist swine that Hillary Clinton represents.

In the news today, it has been reported that snowflakes have been appearing all over high schools and in colleges because Donald Trump had the nerve to work hard and to defeat the beloved Queen Kankles the First.

In California cluster fucks of snowflakes protested and showed their tantrums by walking out of class because they were so upset that Queen Kankles wasn't declared the winner.

On CNN this morning, the absolute asshole and communist asswipe, Van Jones, went off and showed his inner snowflake as he went all racist and insulted white people that voted for Trump as having "white-lashing" in a not so cloaked insult upon white America for having the nerve to vote for a white man just like black people voted in a clusterfuck of mindlessness for their black candidate, King Pimple of a Man.

And then the ultimate snowflake encounter was displayed at America's colleges as our weak and social media mavens used Trump's victory as an excuse to be excused from taking exams.   There were reports of late stage snowflake professors feeling so guilt ridden that they dared not administer mid-terms because their snowflakes couldn't think straight (which meant they couldn't remember the steps on their smartphone on how to cheat to find the answers).

I do strongly encourage snowflakes to end it all right now - find some rope - find sharp blades - find pills and firearms and end it all right now.    I feel your pain.   Do it for the children.   End your pain and stifle yourselves.    It is bad enough we'll have to clean up your mess, but at least we won't have to hear your sniveling whines anymore.

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