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Thursday, November 17, 2016

America has a serious problem.

We don't have a young generation born with any backbones.

The Millenials and younger are wastes of genetic material.   They've been told they are precious and special and that whatever is between their legs is a cruel joke played by Mother Nature.    Our young men are hip-hugger-wearing pansies who shave their pubes and are afraid to be caught manspreading on public transportation.    Our young women think that they are all princesses and that men owe them everything in the world and men should pay for women's reproductive costs even though we are told women control their own bodies.

Our young people wilt under pressure.    They can't handle conflict - and - they think that conflict is a hate crime that they shouldn't have to face because they are to be given everything - and dare they be asked to work their way up the corporate ladder instead of being handed the CEO position right out of graduating from college where they spent more time cheating and violating honor codes than they did writing their own term papers.

We are now a nation of boohoohoodlums.    When our youth can't get their own way, they defile their educational experience by filing out of their classrooms and demanding that the rest of the nation take them seriously in their protest.

Over at the black community, it has become all too usual that they'll set things on fire and loot their own towns and cities.    This is just how things are done in the land where black lives matter.    Once gain this community feels it is owed compensation for having been one of the many classes of people who have been enslaved in history.   But to this community, their slavery is all that matters and those evil white people who ran the plantations are due to be ridiculed and compensation demanded.   Of course the old white woman with a shrill voice, fat kankles, and a truth free life was running the Democrat Plantation promising black people that she cared as she spoke like they do in their churches.  Now that she's toast, the black folk are up in arms.

The news media which has been proven that they are sellouts to Democrats and all things leftist are now seeking to paint our next President as a racist, a bigot, and a person who hates tacos which walk on two feet and drop anchor tacos in the desert.     The media is demanding that we now take them seriously when they are spreading lies after the election just as they were reporting lies during the election.

After Kankles the Klown went over 200 plus days without a press conference, the media is up in arms that the Trumpster hasn't had a press conference since being elected President per Constitutional methodology a bit over a week ago.  That is nearly 9 days.   I can sense the angst of the Media going from being all that and a bag of cow chips to being absolutely worthless and not appreciated for their lying skills.   After being treated special by Democrats for decades, the media is now feeling all lonely and worthless.    Instead of being appreciative that they aren't swinging from ropes on a scaffold for their treason, the media is now trying to gain attention after being dissed by Trump when he wanted to have a private dinner with family.   This is the same media that didn't give a flying monkey's ass when Kankles the Klown ran a private server and were so not curious as to what that meant that they piled on the FBI director when he was for prosecution before he was against it and then for it again before he said never mind a second time.

Democrats have some nerve questioning Donald Trump's foreign policy cred when they never opened their traps when King Pimple of a Man had the length of foreign policy experience that it takes the average man to shoot a load into a stank cunt after initial penetration.    Apparently not having two minutes worth of experience trumps having to negotiate with foreign governments for business purposes.

Our sniveling snowflakes are nothing compared to the appreciation of the left for their illegal aliens.   It is like the left has decided that having illegal tacos in this country is like picking up strays at your front door.   Unfortunately illegal tacos are not like a stray kitten - these illegals are in fact murderers, rapists, and whatever managed to walk out of Mexican and other Central and South American jails as these governments saw our kindness as a way to take out their trash and to flush their toilets full of human shit onto us.    And leftist swine are not about to demand that illegal tacos behave at a higher standard of conduct than their President who routinely chose which laws to enforce and then to bitch at Congress for not taking it up the ass without lube.

I understand that the youth of today are in perpetual boohooism - their snowflake status of impersonating children until they are 25 years of age is threatened and the reality of adulthood at 18 years of age means that choosing stupid and worthless degrees from worthless universities is now their fault and the tens of thousands of student loans that they used to buy Apple products along with their education is now their responsibility instead of Bernie passing the buck onto the rest of us.

Those with healthcare insurance now paid for by tens of other Americans is said to be a step forward while those like me can't afford insurance, can't afford to use it, have not enough money to pay for the $7k deductible, and who is male being forced to pay for cuntcare.    You know women are special - and then they are equal - and when they demand equal pay for time served raising babies that they had with five other men, they should get it even though men had to earn those raises doing real work for a real company that banned manspreading and the ability to talk about football as an aside.

It is easy to see why our youth are being reduced to blubbering fools - young men wear pants that women wore in the 1970's - hip-huggers - that now make their torsos look awkwardly long and their asses non-existant and with the tops of pants riding down where men used to have their penises.    Our young men are all woman - they shave their hair instead of being confronted with the reality that men are awesome and different than women and don't need one damned thing from a woman other than a place to slide their boners into when they feel like it.    Now our young men are wimps - they can't handle clowns - 70 years ago our young men fought and kicked the ass of nazis - today our young men seek counseling from having erections without the permission of a woman and when they sense someone is being mean to them by uttering contrary political expressions.

We are going to have a long winter as our snowflakes continue to collect and to whine and to bitch and to boohoo like it is their only option.    Of course these flaccid males that are really chicks could pull the trigger and end it, but that would cause them to ruin their hair and butch up their chick makeup that their masters, those young women, put on them.

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