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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Of Snowflakes and Crystal Queens

I am embarrassed for our country.

As soon as the millenials get a wiff of defeat, they panic.   They wilt.   They whine.

And Ice Piss and Russia and China are looking.   And Iran is laughing.

Our youth are a bunch of worthless, sniveling, spoiled rotten assholes who have never had it tough and when they face the real world, these piss snowflakes melt and throw tantrums.

It is now a common practice of the left - the black lives matters racists and the militant illegal taco brigade now find it as their right to squat in the interstate and to impede your right to free travel.

The wimpy college students who can't pass a test without cheating are so impacted by losing an election that they cannot handle the truth.    God Bless those assholes.   They don't even know what the truth is.

Imagine this nation's youth as they are right now and having to take on the Nazis and the Japs.   We already know that half of the youth is too fat to even see their own genitals.    The other half is so spineless that they melt when their phone can't connect to the network.

Our enemies have to be salivating at taking this whole thing over. 

As the education system has destroyed our youth by making them so stupid that they can't even spell "sex", we have a President that has spent 8 years doubling the national debt and still whining our roads and bridges suck and that white people voted too much for a white man (but oddly didn't vote enough for a white lying cunt).

I must warn these snowflakes that America will no longer tolerate their squatting on the interstate and impeding traffic.   Pretty soon the snowflakes will be run over by rednecks in Ford pickups.   Pretty soon we'll have snowflake pancakes as they are run over by fleets of trucks wearing the walmart logo.

I hope I am on the interstate when these clowns impede my way.

I have a right to free passage and their right to freedom of speech stopped on the edges of the interstate.

Bring it on.

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