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Monday, November 28, 2016

This post is designed to insult and to lambast those who rape the United States Constitution.

And yes, this is specifically aimed at Democrats AND Republicans.

There really is no difference between the two parties:    They both want to gain power by removing the rights of citizens and to enslave them under Federal power.    

Democrats claim to support women, minorities, and social misfits.   Yet, the only time the Democrats truly pay attention to any of these groups is when it comes time to run for office and to get campaign contributions.

Republicans say they love their country the most and want to protect us from foreign enemies - yet to do this they rape the Constitution by expanding federal intervention into our lives and enslave us with placing big business ahead of citizens.

I am a libertarian - that means I want the least amount of Federal power and to hold the Federal Government to essentially providing us with the best defense possible, the best federal road and transportation system, and providing us with only minimum acceptable standards of health and and environmental protections.    Anything further than this should be left to the states.

My vision of America is that Congress should never enact new laws unless there is a substantial change in our lives.   Technology changes.    The rise of Radical Islam.   An increase in Chinese aggression and offensive actions.   

I simply don't buy into the repression of the left forcing citizens to buy healthcare insurance or to force men to pay for women's reproductive care or to force those who are healthy to cover those with pre-existing conditions.    To me decisions like this are to be left to the people of the states - so if Massachusetts wants to impose their mandatory healthcare insurance policy, it should never impact Virginia.    If Virginia wants to bastardize marriage and redefine it to only allow man and woman, then that is the right of Virginia so to enact.   You don't have a right to marriage.    Marriage is always a religious institution.    But if North Carolina wants to have domestic partnerships then that is their civil recognition then so be it.

But marriage at the Federal level will never be more than a religious institution since that is what it is and the left whines when church and state cohabitate.

As a libertarian, if California wants to go all nude all the time, then that is their right - and if you want to live in California, you have to do all nude or you move.

If Colorado is so hell-bent on being high all the time, then let them.    But if you go to Maine and they don't want your weed, let them throw you in jail for life.

I firmly believe that there is no right to a job, to housing, to be hired or fired with any protection, and that if a gay business wants to only hire gay men, then straight people can go fuck themselves.   If a business doesn't want to hire blacks, chinese, mooslims, women, or even men, oh fucking well.   You don't have a right to any job that you want.    And if someone who owns a house doesn't want to rent to a hispanic couple, move on and buy something else.    You don't have a right to buy anything.    If someone wants to be a bigot, they have every right to be such an asshole.

What we have in the United States is repression by degree - Leftist swine want to impose their view of life on the rest of us and are hell bent to act as Lord and Master and seek to remove freedoms while arbitrarily picking winners and losers.

The Republicans are no less of a bunch of assholes - they want to force their religion on us - they want to only make legally recognized unions as between a man and a woman and are just as bigotted as leftists by not recognizing unions of three or more consenting adults who might want to share their genitals in a legally recognized union with the protections and responsibilities thereof.

I resent being told by blacks that they are victims of racism.    Bullshit.    You are victims of imposing your sense of victimhood onto the rest of us.   I have never gotten anything because of my skin color and I've met my fair share of black ass bigots who whine and caterwaul about being treated unfairly.

My version of life is that we are free to associate with whom we want to engage in commerce with whom we want and that you are not forced to sell me jack if you are a black bigot.   And I should not be required to sell to your sorry ass or to employ you.    I should not be forced to ever associate with any mooslim.    Ever.

I laugh at the concept of abortion where a woman can say she controls her body but gets to lop off her son's foreskin.    I laugh at the notion that a woman can claim that birth control pills are medicine yet they claim that their bodies are under their full control and that they can leverage their biology as an excuse to drown their children.  

To me abortion is a red-herring issue.   Women need to exercise full control over their bodies and that means closing their legs, not going to bars to pick up men, and to recognize that doing drugs and getting drunk puts you in the same level of responsibility as a drunk driver.     If you spread your legs while drunk, you are no less responsible than the man who gets behind the wheel and drives drunk.    You made your choices and you get to bear the entire burden for those choices.

Pregnancy is totally preventable.    And in the cases of rape and incest, the life created there is no less precious.   And I'd fully support executing the rapist for forcing themselves on the woman.   But the woman doesn't get to violate the rights of the human that is growing simply because of the method of insemination.   Inconvenience is never an excuse to kill one person over another; now if the pregnancy results in a life and death choice for the mother, then like self defense, do all you can to save your life that is threatened even if the fetus or perpetrator is sent to their maker.

The Constitution is precious - it does not do anything but to protect us, the citizens, from an over-arching Federal Government and is never meant to give border crossers any rights.   We citizens get to decide through our representatives what our laws are - and cities and states don't get to choose to ignore border laws - and I firmly believe immigration is entirely a Federal jurisdiction and that we must enforce our border and intentionally choose who comes here and what criteria we should impose.    But no one who does not live here has the right to be here without invitation and approval.    And I fully support making illegal border crossing a lethal experience - this is an invasion - building a Cadillac part by part - and should be treated with all due expression of contempt including death.

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