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Friday, December 30, 2016

After listening to the party of Snowflakes, Gender Speculators, Illegal Aliens, and other miscreant groups, we are led to believe that Russia is this big and mean nation that suddenly rose up to be worrisome.

After all, in 2012, our King Pimple of a Man and his pimplettes were lambasting Mittens Romneykins for having the audacity to opine that Russia was the biggest threat to the United States.  Obviously when the smartest man in any room he enters, King Pimple, says something, it must be true.    And since the notion of Russia as an adversary had already been dealt with by the wonderful red "Reset" button offered by Kankles the Klown early in her reign of jokes as Secretary of State, Mittens just was a bad man with a binder filled with women.

So now that the Democrats found themselves pick pocketed by the Russian Bear whose identity can't yet be identified other than we have bear feces as evidence of its invasion, Russia is the bigfoot of our time and has to be dealt with.

Yet, we've never gone over to the Democrats and asked why their incompetence in technology can be excused - seriously - their level of protection on their servers was something even a fifth grader in today's world could do better!

The real culprit in this Russian thing is the Democrat party - their leader, the asshole Pedesta, had his email accounts attacked because either he or one of his staffers clicking on a phishing link that even your mother would be smart enough not to click!    That was not a Russian "hack" - that was but one of millions of phishing emails sent daily to separate stupid people from their private materials!

So Pedesta et al are to blame that their dirty laundry was exposed!

And since Hillary Clinton violated numerous federal statutes on records retention by using a personal email server for business purposes and she had tepid protection, why should we figure the Democrats who think condoms are medicine would know jack about protecting a server?

The Democrats are the ones who unlocked their back door and are now whining that their neighbors came and stole their shit.

Go figure.

And these are the same assholes you want running your healthcare?

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