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Sunday, December 4, 2016

America is one fucked up place.

Claim America is a Democray, advocate to abolish the electoral college when it doesn't support your claim to the throne of America, claim there is a separation between church and state and then to redefine the religious institution of marriage to only suit your narrow bigoted viewpoint of marriage is between two people.

And now we have one of the most repugnant dichotomies - attack one of the best sports in the United States on the ground that it is harmful to the brain and then to promote the nasty and vile drug - weed - which is documented to be no less harmful over the long haul as football!

As a Libertarian, I have no problem with stupid people being allowed to do stupid things that will hopefully cause the stupid people to kill themselves and to remove them from us having to put up with them.

I generally applaud allowing the stupid to use what are now considered illegal drugs - I totally support allowing drugs to be taxed at a prohibitive rate like what leftist swine do to tobacco products.

I also believe that if young men want to play football, that they be allowed to do so without any intervention by leftist swine do-gooders who want to make football safe and to make it a mockery of displays of manhood and strength.    

It is also quite odd that another lethal activity is allowed - abortion.    At no time does abortion result in the saving of the life of the object of the attack.    And at no point is the most innocent life on earth ever given due process rights that even a Democrat Presidential candidate receives or a mass murderer yelling "Allahfuckbar" can expect to receive.    You cannot find a more reprehensible action as abortion which is being used to assuage the guilt of a dead common slut for allowing an uncovered peen into her nasty snatch; there is a notion that a woman can escape personal responsibility for actions she made while sober, lucid, and in control of entry by the six inches primed to enter forth.

I don't understand this country - you can deny people the rights to do on their own to their own bodies but you can allow a woman to kill a life that is not hers under the most worthless excuses of dead common behavior.    And while the young male can be denied to play football, his same mother who controls her own body had years ago butchered the boy's body by having his foreskin lopped off without his permission!

I am consistent on my Libertarian views here - a woman has complete control of her body and can at any time deny entry of a throbbing peen.   No one is denying her any rights here.   But she has absolutely no right to change her mind after she acted foolishly - and the action of foolishness is not a grounds to condemn a fetus to death without due process and without any consideration that that life has rights under the Constitution - and it is ironic that the infestation of illegal aliens has more compassion and protection for life than a fetus and the miscreants from the South are not citizens and are breaking the law with each moment they consume oxygen on U.S. soil!

If we are to be considered just and right, we should protect the freedoms to be and to do what we want so long as exercising those rights do not interfere with another's Constitutional rights - and this is where abortion falls on its face - it denies another human the most fundamental and basic rights even when the conception was done between two citizens on American soil.   

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