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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Eva Cassidy is not new to me.

She may be to you.

And hopefully you will appreciate this Saturday expose' on her.

I've assembled videos that introduce her to those who never knew of her and to add to the appreciation of her to those who have heard of her prior to visiting with me today.

I rarely care to cover women on this blog - I'm gay - and I don't much need women in my life other than in a professional sense and with the appreciation of my own mother and sister and a dear woman in Ontario, Canada who brings joy to my friend Tim's life as his mum.

It is thus that this is a special deal - a big deal to me - that during this holiday season of giving and appreciating all that is good in life, that I offer this for you to enjoy.    There isn't a bit of Christmas anything here, but there is the voice of an angel nonetheless that can usher in the spirit of this season as few can do.

And with that, I introduce Eva Cassidy.

With this introduction of her voice, I bring to you an ABC "Nightline" article on her.

Below you will find the official Eva Cassidy playlist from her Youtube channel.   I hope you'll take time to play her videos made from a recording of a live performance in Washington, D.C. in the early 1990's.


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