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Friday, December 2, 2016

It is quite illuminating that the very excuse used to protect illegal aliens from the long arm of the law is now being readied to use against the asswipes who are coddling the illegal aliens.

You see, the leftist illegal alien ass kissers, have long asserted that immigration is a FEDERAL POWER, and that since our King Pimple of a Man wants to pick and choose which US laws he wants to enforce, that those of us who expect ALL LAWS be enforced should go pound sand.

Well, bitches, in less than 50 days, you illegal alien supporters are going to find yourself on the wrong side of the law.    You pieces of shit and your sanctuary cities and universities will now be just as unlawful in your actions as your southern roach pets that you seek to protect.

I fully expect that these providers of sanctuary shall find themselves behind bars violative of a substantial number of duly passed laws and that these pieces of shit will cohabitate with their latino pets.

I can't wait to see mayors, university prevosts, and a wide range of left rat bastards being trotted off to jail for violating federal laws - and you assholes better take this warning seriously - you cannot tell federal law to go fuck itself without your King.   He's toast.   He's gonzo.   And you will have federal authorities who will have all tools at their disposal to drag your asses to court and then to jail as you are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

You bastards have been warned.   You can protest and whine, but you will do jail time and there is no one left to protect your asses.   America just elected a President who will take your human debris who are here illegally and toss their asses out - and then your asses will be locked up for decades because you had the audacity to ignore the Constitution and the Federal Law and then to flaunt your illegal conduct to the God Fearing people of the United States.   And make no mistake, asswipes, this is one of the top hot button items that got Trump elected and he'll show you no mercy.

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