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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Since the leftists did not win the Presidency, we should
immediately implement the following procedures.

1.  End illegal alien influx and chase them out of the country;
2.  Prosecute all giving illegal aliens sanctuary;
3.  Repeal Obamascare except for pre-existing conditions;
4.  Make those with pre-existing conditions to pay for their plans;
5.  Time limit welfare to 18 months; lifetime ban after that
6.  Abolish federal department of education;
7.  Across the board 25% budget cuts on all departments except for Defense;
8.  Increase federal gas tax by 25 cents per gallon;
9.  Codify that all federal elections must have picture ID cards in order to vote;
10.  End early voting and establish election day as a national holiday with 24 hour voting for all Federal elections;
11.  Increase social security taxes and apply to all income including benefits with no income limitations;
12.  Increase retirement age for Social Security to 70 for full benefits; below that half benefits and no COLA increases.
13.  Abolish corporate fleet mpg ratings and requirements (ban CAFE);
14.  Abolish all green energy subsidies including tax credit for buying hybrid vehicles;
15.  Lower corporate tax rate to 15% and end all tax credits and writeoffs across the board.
16.  Establish three tax rates for citizens - everyone pays 5% on first $15k, 10% on next $25k, and 15% on all income over that including capital gains and estate taxes.
17.  Abolish Earned Income Tax Credit.
18.  Freeze all Federal worker hiring for four years - promote from within and develop or allow positions to lapse.
19.  Increase all military pay by 20% for enlisted;
20.  Privatize all military healthcare and abolish the VA.
21.  Re-evaluate all disability designations from the past eight years starting with the oldest and requiring re-certification by three doctors.    Failure should revoke any future claims.
22.  Abolish all federal student loan programs and privatize.
23.  Prosecute to the fullest any business that has undocumented workers;
24.  Increase legal immigration by 20% from countries which are not in terrorist sponsored areas of the world.
25.  Abolish all union provisions for Federal contracts and open bidding to all workers except those who have no legal documentation to work here;
26.  Abolish all gender and race based programs and incentives including Title IX in college sports and all quota based admissions policies for schools based on non-performance criteria.
27.  Place a 5% surcharge on all imports of all kinds and funds will be used to pay down national debt.
28.  Abolish all school lunch program requirements tied to Moochelle Obama program and turn her garden into a patio.
29.  Increase NASA funding by 25% and make going to Mars a goal to land men on Mars by end of decade.
30.  Cut Congressional (House and Senate including staff and other budgets) pay by 25% when they send a budget that is not balanced to the President.   Restoration will not occur until 2 consecutive annual budgets are sent to be signed into law.
31. Require all of the media that says they are news reporting agencies and their agents to clearly post campaign contributions and voting records for the last four election cycles in each issue of a paper their work appears, website where they post, or clearly visible as part of their newscast.

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