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Sunday, January 22, 2017

I am a Libertarian by choice and by conviction.

My natural inclination is to get the Federal Government out of my life and to stop having my income stolen and redistributed to make lives comfortable for women on welfare who can't marry one man and who get dicks from dozens without any thought of the consequences for seminal deposits by each.

I loathe those who steal their way into this nation against our laws.    The people who cross our border without permission are not immigrants - they are invaders - and they should be rounded up and sent back home and should never be respected or allowed to spend any time here with a condition of being sweet and good and then become citizens.

In the election of 2016, I found the Libertarian party to be stocked with stupid men who are borderline mental.    I didn't think they were stupid, but that Presidential candidate was one dumb box of rocks and I've had bowel movements more rational than his running mate.

If I were an adult during the 1960's when JFK ran, I'd have voted for him over Nixon.   I could be persuaded to be Democrat of that vintage, but truth be told, the Democrat party died when JFK did.   What has taken over is an infestation of liberals who turned into socialists and who hide under the label of "Progressives".   There used to be moderates in the party, but those were purged in the roll up to the coronation of King Pimple of a Man.

As a gay man, I'm not smitten with Republicans - there are still reminants of the Jiihad of the Moral Majority that hide in the shadows.   And there were a few Republicans who sought to protect the Constitution and to defend it even as others gave no time of day to our founding document.

I was never a fan of Donald Trump other than I liked his "Celebrity Apprentice" shows.

Unfortunately I had flash backs to how the media treated Ronald Reagan the first time he ran.   I bought the message hook line and sinker and ended up voting for John Anderson as an independent because I was afraid of Reagan.

I soon found out as a young adult that the media is not honest and will make things up and what was said about Reagan was 99% a lie and he was nothing like he was said to be.

And there ended any hope I'd ever vote for a Democrat - because the media was always in the pockets of the Democrats and would lie and distort to advance their candidate.

As the 2016 race happened, it became apparent that Hillary Clinton was going to be the Democrat choice by all means - Bernie had no chance.    And every dishonest action that could be taken to prop up that witch was taken.   The media lied and didn't cover her with any integrity.    That witch should never have had a chance.

I was never smitten with any of the Republicans - Ted Cruze turned out to be an asshole of the first order of assholes - even as he  was protective of the Constitution like I wanted, he was just such a douchebag as a person.   I can love someone who is purposeful and intense.   I can't find any love for someone who is just an asshole and nothing more.

As the 2016 election whittled away the candidates, I started to like Trump - especially when the Democrats were stabbing Bernie in the back to make Hillary look even viable.    As it became more certain that the Democrats would run with that shrew, I had to face the fact that I didn't want her as my next President and the only alternative was Trump.

I'll say this because it is the truth - despite me loathing almost every position that Bernie stood for, I felt he was the only honest person running.   And had the Democrats gone with Bernie instead of witch Hillary, I would have chosen Bernie over Trump.

Instead I was nervous - even to the point of standing in line to vote considering my choices over and over again and only pulling the lever for Trump after knowing that Hillary would be the worst choice ever for President and Trump was not.

In the post election fallout, I am more and more comfortable with Trump - he hates the Republicans I hate.   And he is the only Republican since Reagan who will kick a Democrat in the balls and not apologize for doing so.

And when Trump went after that racist asshole John Lewis, a man who I hold in so little regard that I would pray his heart stops in the middle of him walking across a busy street, I knew things were going to be okay.

I watched Trump's inauguration and I was proud of my choice.

For once we have hope to get our government back into fiscal control and that we won't just be giving money to the poor while not demanding they take personal responsibility for their actions.    For once our allies will have to foot more of the costs of their defense while we build up ours.   For once companies will need to build their shit here instead of overseas.   And for once, we have a President who couldn't care less about what his enemies say or do.

I am now a Trumper.    I could have been for Bernie.   But Democrats are the most disgusting people ever created and they prevented a win by running a loser, Hillary Clinton.   And thus, I had no other alternative but to unleash the hound who will give them hell for eight years.

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