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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I've had it.

Women don't rule jack.    And you can pull a million stank vaginas together and you have a red tide that is a natural menace to society.

What's worse, these women can't make up their minds.    When a crystal of a decision is forming, they change their minds.   Women are irrational monsters bound by their vaginas incapable of rising above menstruation and the curse that womanhood brings with them.

Women, therefore, in their perpetual sense of being focked up, insist that they know better than men and are the stronger of the sexes.

Do women seek to improve and to make goals and standards stronger than what men can do?

At ever turn, we have to lower standards to make women competitive.

Of course women will reframe this discussion into one that says the standards were intentionally set too high and that that point means we are waging a war on the owners of vaginas.     And since the standards are too high, then we can and should set them to levels that suddenly make the bulk of women who aren't lesbians able to reach the now lowered bar -the bar of gender mediocrity.    And since enough women will meet the standards, there is no reason to hire a peen.

Across cinema and media, it is perfectly acceptable to paint the man as a bumbling idiot; want to attack a man, kick him in the balls or throw something there or intentionally mock a man by leveraging his fragile ego between his legs.  Throughout commercials and movies it is accepted practice that attacking a man's anatomy is not only acceptable, but it's funny.   I dare you punch a bitch in the boobs or fill her nasty snatch with bondo and find the audience laughing!

But dare we honestly create a picture of a woman who can't make up her mind, who is irrational several days out of the month, and who is perfectly capable of driving her children into a pond because of the fabricated notion of after pregnancy malaise, then that is sexist.   And there are the militant land-based tuna that would seek the death penalty for pointing out the honest negative points of the female in real life.

Women are keen to now degrade men by demanding them to remove their natural male fur - the robust collectors of the male fragrance - and to force men into a second boyhood by being completely devoid of their male fur.   And to add insult to injury, women will extort men into going bald in order to get a half-hearted blow job and then to run from the moment of ejaculation and swallowing by contriving that baby batter is nasty in taste.

And the stench and taste of an off color cunt is better?

Women and their defenders have now gone into "man" attacking:

Mansplaining has been mocked by these blivetheads as if men have to reframe what was said so women can understand it.   Well, duh, that is the honest truth.   Women don't care about what you say, but rather drop a litter when you don't say it nice enough or with enough emotion or with enough compassion.    Women don't listen to the words - they listen to how you say it.

And if you go into "man-splaining" while "man-spreading" then you are one sexist pig.

Women don't like men who spread their legs open while sitting - women seem to think that men have the same three feet of space between their legs like women do - and women can't imagine trying to sit all confined with significant junk down there.    Women want us to cross our legs or to confine our legs into a space where our junk is compressed a dozen times over.

Well, fuck that.

Men should spread and show all their junk with the pride that is commensurate with such junkage!

Women are seeking to destroy boys by making them into gender speculators and to make boys feel guilty for having any junk between their legs and that possession of junk is tantamount to raping women.     Boys now are being taught to be girls with vestigial peens and nuts that can and will eventually be harvested when they become of sexual age.   No longer can you teach boys in a way that harnesses their natural skills; now we have to drug our boys so they can sit still like the minnows in the class.   And then when our boys fall behind their tuna-cunt girls in school, we are told that boys don't matter anyway.

And then we have the middle school rapist in waiting - perish the thought of a renegade boner owner traveling down the hallway of a middle school even if it covered by books by the boy whose body is on auto pilot from puberty.    Those who don't own a potential boner don't realize that there is a mind of its own down there.   Across history boners have been willed to rise and never happen.   Blue pills over come this.   But in schools across the nation boners are being cloaked in every form rising out of the mist of just traveling down a hallway.    Damned if the owner of the boner can 'splain it - but to females, this is a sign of predatory behavior and grounds for expulsion.

It is time that women be put back into their place.

I'm not saying that the creatures should be barefoot or in our kitchens.    I don't need them to carry on a conversation while I'm preparing a meal.   They should be locked up in an all women's prison with the key thrown away while they synchronize their periods to maximize their natural bitchiness.

After we've put women back in their natural schools of tuna, let's raise standards to their appropriate level.    Fireman should be able to carry a two hundred pound body out of a burning building and not a twenty pound pussy cat.    Police officers should be able to run faster than a speeding mammary discharge and should be able to tackle a two hundred pound human instead of a dropped coin.     Women should have to shut their cakeholes and desist with asking what our feelings are and should be able to multiply numbers without a calculator.    And women should be forced to cut their fucking hair instead of pushing it up under a hat.   Ditto the removal of finger nail polish.    There has never been a case of a perpetrator being subdued by long hair or blinded in submission by finger nail polish unless it happened in some nasty episode of "Wonder Woman".

And while we are at it, it is time that women be forced to shower in a community of other nude women in schools and be treated like cattle like men have to endure as boys - showing each other their fucking tits and snatch and have it right out there for all to see - just like boys in school.    Women have never experienced the misery of having a grower while there are show-ers drooping down just feet away in a shower.    Tittage is nothing compared to having the hidden talents or lack thereof exposed among your friends and enemies.   And you know damned well that those who are packing are going to show it off while ridiculing you for not being so well endowed.

Women in the military should have to deal with the same unsanitary conditions men are forced to and use whatever is available to wipe their asses and to dry their dripping cunts; and if you are on the period, you have a choice, use a hose or not take the position at all.   Drown that cunt in a creek and wash the red tide away.   It is impossible to make war sanitary - and for that reason alone we don't need to bring bleeding cunts into the equation.   It's bad enough when women complain that they have to pay for sanitary napkins and kotex.    Imagine the squawking when they can't get anything to shove up their snatches to stem the bleeding.    And there is no reason to introduce that smell into a situation that isn't all that wonderful smelling to begin with.

Women seem to want it both ways - they want equality with men, but invent ways to leverage their vaginas and their biology to their advantage - and that means, less than equal to men but to receive equal rewards.    Women want to have babies and then to have the tenure in position as if they never left - and women want the same pay even though they were home breast feeding and wiping shitty asses while men were risking their lives on the job!

It is time that we get real - women are not equal to men in almost anything.   Biology has its consequences - and just because you women are weak and have numerous flaws, you don't get to wag your cunts as an excuse for lower standards or inequal treatment that gets benefits you never earned.   You don't get to insult how man scratch their junk, spread their legs, want you to swallow their semen while having the audacity for wanting to complete the one orgasm they can have for that moment while you insist you get your multiple orgasms while a guy licks your unclean bacteria factory of a snatch.    If you don't like men explaining things to you, then learn to listen to the spoke word and to dispense with the notion that feelings matter more.

It is time that men take back what is theirs and women should learn that being a woman does not mean you get to insult men and to demean them and to lower standards just so you can claim to be equal the moments you are exploiting your pear shape bodies to be unequal.

The war on Tom, Dick, and his hairy body has to end.

And if you women can't deal with it, understand men give better blow jobs and don't want to talk about their feelings afterward.

And men will be glad to have a beer afterwards instead of a cuddle.

So women, get over yourselves.    We'll open the door for you because that is what gentleman do.   And if you don't like it, go fuck yourselves.    The penis is not a weapon of mass destruction.   Pubic and body hair is not a sign of lower level of intelligence.   And if you knew about biology as you say you do, you'd know there is purpose to men's fur and it isn't just to look like an ape.

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